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Investigating Gold as a Nerve Regenerating Mineral for MS
by Christina L. White
(modified from the Summer 2001 New Horizons)


 Historical Medical Uses of Gold
   The most well-known use of gold is as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory properties.  Gold in an organic molecule with sulfur was utilized in the 1930’s with rheumatoid arthritis patients with some initial success in alleviation of symptoms.  After approximately two years though, the build up of this metal in the body manifested some significant toxic side effects for some patients, including kidney and liver failure. 
   As long ago as the late 1800’s gold chloride was part of a well-known treatment for alcoholism called the “Keeley cure”.  Old medical textbooks recommended the use of gold chloride for nervous system disorders, lupus and tuberculosis, and gold bromide for epilepsy and migraine.  American Indian medicine men have used gold for centuries to treat patients with mental illness or mental disturbances by having them drink water in which gold had been boiled.  Gold has been and is still used in tooth fillings.  Gold in recent medical treatment has fallen out of general usage due to the use of new drugs and the potential toxicity of gold. Presently some researchers who were unwilling to give up on the potential benefits of gold for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers, found that by closely monitoring the blood levels of gold, and correlating that with the dosages given, that their patients were able to avoid most of the side effects.

Gold Applied Vibratorily
   The most provocative and interesting application of gold in healing was its use as part of a treatment protocol for MS patients mentioned in the Edgar Cayce health materials.  Edgar Cayce was a southern Christian who accidentally discovered his psychic abilities when he was hypnotized.  In this light trance state it was discovered that he was able to diagnose and recommend treatment not only for his own health disorder, but also for others.  At first he was unsure of both the source of the information as well as the health information itself.  When one of his own family members was prevented from blindness by applying the information given in a reading, Edgar Cayce’s faith in the accurateness of the readings grew, and he came to be known as the “sleeping prophet”.   Admittedly this material is a very unorthodox source of information about MS or any other disease. The collection of readings for 69 persons with MS though, contains some interesting viewpoints on MS that are not found in any other source.  They are presented here in summary form, in the hope that the information may prove useful for some MS patients.

Nerve Regeneration
    Probably the most remarkable statements in the Edgar Cayce MS materials are the ones in which he states that consistent and persistent use of a special low voltage, electrical appliance connected and run through a special solution of gold chloride and attached to the body by way of nickel and copper plates will supply the gold vibratorily to the body and will regenerate nerves. 
   Although each reading was for a different individual, and specific recommendations were made for each individual, there was one general reading given on MS and its causes.  According to Cayce, MS was due to a combination of causes, with genetic susceptibility and poor diet as only part of the causation process. 

Lack of Gold Main Cause of MS
   The main cause of MS given in the Cayce information was a lack of gold in the system, primarily due to poor absorption.  This results in a chemical imbalance that prevents the glandular system from producing the substances the nervous system requires to be healthy.  The readings also mention a build-up of poisons or wastes in the nervous system of MS patients, although the readings do not state the exact biochemical mechanism that leads to nerve deterioration. Glandular imbalances in and around the liver also contribute to the problem.  Some readings even point to the right lobe of the liver being involved in the multiple sclerosis condition.   The liver’s activity in removal of waste products is, of course, essential for overall health. 

Unique Delivery System for Gold
     The Cayce information recommended that the gold be applied by way of an electrochemical battery called the Wet Cell Battery, which produced a very low strength direct current (DC) with a measurable voltage of about 1/50 that of a common 1.5 volt flashlight battery.  Although this is an extremely low voltage, Cayce said it provided a low frequency, low amperage wave form that regenerates the ability of the body to heal itself.  In his view, the body is an electrical system and disease is an imbalance in the energy patterns of the body. 
   The Wet Cell Battery consists of negative and positive rods of copper and nickel that are in a solution of electrolytes such as copper sulfate, zinc, charcoal, sulfuric acid and distilled water.  A copper and a nickel plate are attached to the top of the two rods.  In the case of MS, Cayce suggested that one of the wires and plate be run through a solution of gold chloride and then one wire was to be attached to a location near the navel and the other on various locations on the spinal column.  In this way the vibrations of the gold are carried into the body.  Daily 30 minute application of the battery was recommended, followed by a back massage with specific oils. This was to be done consistently and patiently with the expectation of nerve regeneration. 
    Some people experience improvement in a month or two, but this is not a quick fix treatment.  It probably should not even be started unless someone is willing to give it a full year as a trial.  I have heard of one person with MS who derived substantial improvement within 3 months, but then rapidly lost it when he discontinued the treatment.   MS patients have experienced the progression of their disease over many years, and after definitive diagnosis most of them recognize early symptoms years ago as the true beginning of their health problems.  Cayce said that patient, consistent application would be required in order to obtain significant neurological improvements.        
    David Atkinson, a patient with Motor Neuron Disease (ALS), was able to reverse most of his debilitating symptoms using Cayce recommendations including the Wet Cell Battery, diet, and changing his mental outlook.   (His book Hope Springs Eternal can be ordered from 1-800-269-2502.)

Oral Gold
   Although the majority of the Cayce health material utilized gold chloride in the “solution jar” delivery system of the wet cell battery, he also suggested to 140 people that they take it orally in very small amounts.  “A typical Cayce prescription was to prepare a one grain per ounce solution of gold chloride (the same strength used for the wet cell), and a second solution of two grains per ounce of sodium bromide.  Once or twice a day, the instructions were to combine one drop of the gold solution and two drops of the soda solution in a glass of water and drink immediately.” ( 
     One interesting report of results with this oral method was of a woman with essential tremor who experienced substantial remission with gold use.  Discontinuation of the oral gold brought the symptoms on again and subsequent supplementation again brought some improvement.   Concerns still remain about the potential build-up of gold in the system using this form of gold.  Other forms of gold that are available today that were not available in Cayce’s time are colloidal and ionic gold.

Mental & Spiritual Attitudes
   Another part of the Cayce protocol for MS patients involved the development of the proper positive mental and spiritual attitudes for healing.  Expectation of healing and patience were listed as important components of the healing process.  People were also encouraged to pray and meditate, and to manifest spirituality in their lives through kindness and brotherly love for others.  In some cases, Cayce told people to not even start using the Wet Cell Battery unless they changed their attitude.  The application of forgiveness, gentleness and kindness were listed as being necessary attributes for some people before their healing could begin.  One person was told to have this attitude about their MS disease, “The physical conditions that have come upon me are those most necessary for my own soul’s development.” (reading 716-1)
   The diet Cayce suggested was one with lots of vegetables and fruits, combined with fish, turkey, chicken, lamb and seafood.   All fried foods and processed foods were to be avoided.
   This protocol requires the support of family or friends to attach the plates on the spinal areas and to provide the daily massage after the Wet Cell treatment.  The commitment to apply this protocol needs the willingness of both the MS patient and his support person or persons.  All people involved must be willing to “go the distance” in order to obtain the desired results.
    In 1996-7 the Meridian Institute conducted a research project to explore the effectiveness of the Edgar Cayce treatment for multiple sclerosis.  The protocol included daily use of the wet cell battery with the gold chloride solution and an iodine solution, a daily massage, diet, attitude adjustment, meditation and breathwork.  Of the nine that began the treatment, only seven applied the protocol for the six month time period, although no one was able to perfectly carry out all the Cayce recommendations.  There was moderate improvement in some of the participants, and three of the seven experienced major improvement.  Complete information on the study can be seen at: (
Information for the Cayce products:

   Aurasol is an oral form of gold that has been subjected to research for 10 years.  Originally made in an aqueous dispersion, Aurasol is now available as a dried powder tablet of 10 mg which is obtained after water evaporation of the liquid.
   The particle size of the colloidal gold has a great deal to do with its absorption ability.  When oral bioavailability studies were done with various colloidal gold solutions, it was determined that particle sizes greater than 20 nanometers were not absorbed in the intestines.  Aurasol particles have been tested out to be less than 20 nanometers, with most of the particles being 2 to 10 nanometers, thereby being an absorbable particle size.
   Some interesting studies have been done with Aurasol.  In one study five participants were given 30 mg of oral gold (Aurasol) for one month. Pre- and post- tests indicated a 20% increase in their mean I.Q., with a residual effect that lasted for one to two months after the supplemental gold was discontinued.  
   A study conducted with 10 rheumatoid arthritis subjects who had not responded to other medical treatment, resulted in a marked reduction in joint pain, swelling and an increase in mobility in only a week.  Six months of continued supplementation with 30 mg of colloidal gold resulted in tenfold lower mean scores for joint pain and swelling.  Blood tests performed after a year of supplementation with Aurasol indicated no signs of toxicity.
   The company’s literature explains how colloidal gold differs from the gold salts used in traditional medicine.  “Gold is a precious metal which exists in nature in 2 basic forms:  metallic gold and gold salts.  Metallic gold is called a noble metal because it does not react with other compounds easily and is usually inert.  This is true for bulk gold, such as gold nuggets.  If metallic gold is divided into fine particles with sizes ranging from one to one hundred billionths of a meter, metallic gold becomes colloidal and possesses new properties due to the larger amount of gold atoms exposed at the surface of the particles.  Colloidal gold possesses a negative charge at the surface of the particles and absorbs strongly to other molecules without changing their chemical and biological properties.    On the other hand, gold salts contain positively charged gold that forms strong chemical bonds with other compounds normally present in the body and changes their properties.  This causes toxic reactions in the body because the immune system does not recognize these gold salt complexes as self.”
   Their literature goes on to say:  “even though gold is present in minute amounts in the human body, mainly in the liver, this metal is not considered an essential element for good health and there is no minimum daily requirement.  It is possible that metallic gold in the colloidal form may play important roles in human health.  Such colloids enhance the effects of antioxidants by catalyzing electron-transfer in oxidation-reduction reactions.  This antioxidant   effect in protecting from free radical damages may play a role in the beneficial effects of colloidal gold.  Since colloidal gold concentrates in certain cells of the body, involved in surveillance and protection against infectious microbes, and foreign compounds; in detoxification of the liver; and in destruction and elimination of dead cells from the body; it is likely that colloidal gold plays important, if at the present unknown, roles in overall well-being.”

Correlation with Cayce
     Although the Cayce wet cell delivery of the vibrational form of gold may be the most beneficial, it is likely that only a small percentage of MS patients are willing to do a 30 minute treatment plus a massage every day for a year or more.  Perhaps gold in the colloidal form might have a similar beneficial effect as the wet cell. 
     MS patients often share one of the predominant symptoms of fibromyalgia termed “fibro fog”, or the reduced mental capacities of memory, alertness and mental energy.   Dr. Flechas incorporates a gold colloidal product called Aurasol into his protocol with fibromyalgia patients to improve their memory, mental alertness and cognition capabilities.     
    Dr. Guy E. Abraham at Optimox Corporation, the manufacturers of Aurasol, did report that he knew of one MS patient that had improved very quickly on the colloidal gold, but of course that is only anecdotal. 
     The Aurasol® literature mentions that gold is found in minute quantities in the human body, mainly in the liver.  The Klenner protocol for MS, which includes liver extract injections, has been effective for some MS patients.  It has also been assumed that there might be some undiscovered substance in the liver extract that was very helpful, beyond the B12.  Perhaps that substance is gold, in microscopic amounts.  The Cayce material also pointed out that the liver is involved in most cases of MS.  Since both the Cayce protocol and the Klenner protocol identify the liver as involved in MS in some way, it follows that improving and restoring the health of the liver may be vital to MS patients.

Homeopathic Gold
     The basic principle of homeopathy is the “law of similars”.  It is based on the observation that every mineral, plant or chemical when taken in overdose amounts will result in its own combination of physical, emotional and mental symptoms.  In the same regard, when individuals are ill they have their own unique combination of physical, mental and emotional symptoms, even when they are diagnosed with the same disease as someone else.  In homeopathy, the practitioner tries to find the substance that taken in overdose amounts would cause similar symptoms in a healthy individual to those the sick individual has.  When the match to symptoms is made, this substance, or remedy is then given in very small, safe doses, and often the symptoms will then partially or completely resolve.
   To obtain the information on which substances will result in which symptoms, experiments with healthy individuals are conducted that are call “drug provings”.  The substance is given until some symptoms develop, and then the information from these drug trials is compiled into an encyclopedia of drug effects which is called a materia medicas. 
      Homeopathic remedies are made by a pharmaceutical process called potentization.  This is a process of serial dilution, where one part of a medicinal substance is diluted with 99 parts of distilled water and then shaken.  Then one part of this solution is diluted with 99 parts of water and then shaken again.  In this process many different strengths of the substance can be made.  The most amazing part of this is that the more the substance is diluted the more powerfully it acts on the body system and usually fewer doses are required.  The “x” in an homeopathic remedy indicates that it is a dilution of 1:9, and has been further diluted and shaken by the preceding number, such as 6x, 12x, 24x, 30x and so on.  Remedies followed by a “C” are begun with a dilution of 1:99, and are considered to be stronger than the “x” remedies because they are more diluted, and therefore stronger.  Common potencies in this range may be 6C, 9C, 12C, 15C, 30C, 200C.  Homeopathic remedies are little white pills that dissolve in one’s mouth.  They are generally quite inexpensive.
     The homeopathic remedy for gold is aurum muriaticum, chloride of gold.  One source of homeopathic products is:   Their order phone number is 1-800-276-4223. Their information number is 1-609-407-9245. 

    There is no clear “scientific” evidence at this time that gold in any of the forms mentioned in this article will help MS patients.  There is some anecdotal evidence that some people have derived both cognitive and neurological benefit from administration of gold in an oral form or “vibrational” battery delivery form from the follow-up of people on the Cayce MS regimen. 
   There is some published clinical evidence that the right size of colloidal gold (under 20 nm) increased cognitive abilities in healthy individuals.  There is also some unpublished anecdotal reports of significant cognitive improvement in the elderly who have dementia or Alzheimer’s.
   At this time there is no way of knowing if any of the above delivery methods of gold could be helpful for any one individual.
SUMMARY of RESOURCES from Gold Article:
1-800-333-4499  to order Cayce MS Research Bulletin
1-800-269-2502 to order Wet Cell Battery & Hope Springs Eternal  book                            (
1-800-223-1601 to order Aurasolcolloidal gold





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