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Dr. Klenner Protocol Update
Including B1 & Liver Extract for MS Patients

by Christina L. White
(modified from the Summer 2001 New Horizons)

   The deep and vibrant male voice of Paul Ferrari eagerly shared the remarkable success he has experienced utilizing the full Dr. Klenner protocol for his MS as well as his father’s results using the protocol for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis commonly known as Lou Gerhig’s disease). 
    Paul’s story starts almost 33 years ago when Paul was only 10 years old.  In the 1970’s Paul’s young father began experiencing significant neuromuscular symptoms.  He was dropping things, falling and experiencing extreme weakness.  At only 40 years of age Paul’s father was diagnosed with ALS.  Paul’s father looked around for something to try that might slow down this horrible, progressive disease, and was first led to Florida to try the snake venom therapy.  Unfortunately, he did not obtain any help from that.  Still searching, he came across information about Dr. Klenner and pursued treatment with him.  Dr. Klenner put him on 4 I.V.’s a week, along with the other components that will be listed later in this article. 
   Paul reports that this aggressive intravenous injection, intramuscular injection and oral supplement program was able to keep his father alive and functioning for the next 19 years.  This is an amazing length of time, considering that even now ALS patients are often given a dismal survival time of only 2 to 5 years.  Paul reports that although all his father’s symptoms never went away, he was able to drive a car, do his own shopping and live independently for most of that time.
   It seems that his father had some loss of motor nerves which were never regenerated, but the Klenner protocol managed to tremendously slow down the progression of the disease and significantly extend his father’s lifetime. 
   During his high school years Paul began to experience some neuromuscular problems himself.  He did not drink or smoke and yet he constantly felt fatigued, had some occasional numbness, his legs were weak and he experienced muscle twitches.  He was a tall (6’1”) youth at only 140 pounds and so basketball seemed an appropriate sport.  He experienced a lot of difficulties with his ankles and had difficulty keeping his balance with the constant twisting that is required in basketball.  He experienced increasing difficulties but his local doctors told him he was just a depressed kid.  He says that he just about slept through his senior year he felt so severely fatigued all the time, and he had developed blurred vision in one of his eyes.  In the back of his mind was the fear that perhaps he had inherited the same disease his father had.  At the age of 18 he and his family decided that he should see Dr. Klenner, who did some quick neurological tests, dilated his pupils and looked in his eyes.  Dr. Klenner told Paul that he had multiple sclerosis, a degenerative nerve problem.  Dr. Klenner then outlined a very aggressive nutritional protocol for Paul that he said would reverse his neurological degeneration as long as Paul religiously followed the protocol for 10 years. 
    After seeing Dr. Klenner, Paul went to the California University Medical Center and they confirmed the diagnosis of MS, but had nothing to offer him that might stop its progression. 
   There are not many 18 year olds, or even 40 year olds, who would have the internal fortitude to do all the many things the full Klenner protocol required.  This is where Paul stands out as an exception to the rule.  Paul couldn’t see himself as having much of a future the way he was going, so he simply decided to do whatever it took to get well.  He fully and completely accepted that the Klenner protocol was his best chance for good health, which he desperately desired.  Even today when alternative health is more readily accepted, friends and family members might ridicule someone carrying around all kinds of packets of vitamins to take at every meal, and doing intramuscular injections a couple of times a day.  Paul was doing this protocol twenty years ago when almost everyone would consider him a real “kook” for taking all those vitamins.  His extreme fortitude paid off.  In a year and a half on the protocol he went from a 140 pound fatigued weakling to a 195 pound young man who in his own words was, “strong as a bull”.
   He maintained himself on this aggressive protocol for a full 10 years as Dr. Klenner told him to.  Then he decided he was doing so well, why stop it.  Just now, after 20 years on the protocol he has cut back a little bit.  He is still strong as a bull, with no signs of MS, only 6% body fat, and he can run up and down the basketball court better than most of his same age friends.
  The following protocol has been extracted from a 1973 two-part article by Dr. Klenner, Response of Peripheral and Central Nerve Pathology to Mega-Doses of the Vitamin B-Complex and Other Metabolites, published in the Journal of Applied Nutrition.    (This 15 page article is available from the Brewer Science Library for the copying and mailing charge of $2.50)
    Here is a direct quote from the above mentioned Dr. Klenner article:  “We categorically make this statement:  Any victim of Multiple Sclerosis who will dramatically flush with the use of nicotinic acid, and who has not progressed to the stage of myelin degeneration, as witnessed by sustained ankle clonus elicited in the orthodox manner, can be cured with the adequate employment of Thiamin Hydrochloride and other factors of the Vitamin B Complex in conjunction with essential proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and injectable crude liver.  If sustained ankle clonus is not bilateral, then it is not a deterrent.  We have had patients who did demonstrate bilateral sustained ankle clonus, and who were in wheelchairs, and who returned to normal activities after 5 to 8 years of treatment.  These patients, fortunately, had not received ACTH. One patient was given a single course of Medrol 4 mg QID.  This had little effect on her pathology, and apparently no blocking action, on our treatment.  The general use of ACTH in Multiple Sclerosis will extend the recovery period by a time directly proportional to the amount of the drug employed.  It is hoped that this paper will bring an end to this senseless practice of medicine, since ACTH never works the third time.”
   Paul’s protocol was very similar to the protocol listed in Dr. Klenner’s article, except that Dr. Klenner prescribed larger doses for Paul.


Oral Component of Klenner Program:
To be taken 30 min before meals and before bed:

200 mg    Vitamin B1   (Paul took 1000 mg 4 x day)
100 mg - 3 grms  Niacin (to produce a strong body flush, which Dr. Klenner considered necessary for the dilatation of the blood vessels
100-200 mg  Vitamin B6
10-20 grams of Vitamin C  (spread out in divided doses)     (Paul does 20 grams daily)
25  mg   Vitamin B2
(Dr. Klenner prescribed 500 mg niacinamide before meals for Paul.)

To be taken after each meal:
700 - 1400 mg choline  + bedtime
1200 mg  lecithin (Paul also takes inositol)
100 mg  magnesium
2 calcium gluconate (10 grain tablets) + bedtime
200 mg  B5 (calcium pantothenate) + bedtime
1 heaping TBSP glycine  4 x day
400 I.U. E as d-alpha tocopherol acid succinate
(Paul also takes a 500 mg calcium orotate tablet)

Intramuscular Injections:
B1  400 mg daily (200 mg/cc)
B6  100 mg daily   (Paul does B6 + B2 injection together)
B2   40 - 80 mg
B12 1000 mcg 3 x week  (Paul does 5 x week with liver)
Liver Extract 2 cc    (Paul does 5 x week)
Intravenous Injections (2 x week given very slowly to people at cardiac risk since it can produce dilatation great enough to effect the right side heart failure):
800 - 1000 mg Vitamin B1      (Paul does 1600 mg)
200 mg Vitamin B6
400 mg niacinamide        (Paul does 500 mg)
100 mg  nicotinic acid (niacin)  Note:  The amount of niacin given must be determined by the individual’s “flush factor”.  Kr. Klenner’s writings must be studied to understand how he utilized niacin in the therapy.  (Paul was not prescribed niacin in his I.V.)
  Obviously this program must be given and monitored by a physician who has thoroughly read Dr. Klenner’s work and understands his use of each supplement. 
   For more than 20 years, Paul has maintained himself on the full Klenner program with daily injections, weekly I.V.s and oral supplements.  He also consumes a daily protein supplement and eats a high protein diet as recommended by Dr. Klenner.
    Many people have started on just B1 and liver extract injections rather than the whole Klenner protocol, and kept their daily B1 injections at the 200 mg dosages.  That may or may not be the minimum amount needed for any specific individual.  In reading Dr. Klenner’s writings and speaking with Paul, it appears Dr. Klenner used far more B1 than 200 mg a day.  In the above mentioned article Dr. Klenner says that the importance of vitamin B1 cannot be overstated.  He considers MS to be a “vitamin dependent” disease and those types of diseases can require up to 1,000 times the listed daily requirement of a specific vitamin.  In the case of B1, which had a 1.3 mg daily normal requirement, the daily dosage required in a pathological disease such as MS would be at least 1300 mg.  It may be prudent for those individuals who have not experienced any change in their MS symptoms at the 200 mg daily injection dosage to discuss with their monitoring physician the possibility of reviewing Dr. Klenner’s information and adjusting their dosages to more nearly meet the full protocol that he suggested. 
   In another quote from Dr. Klenner’s article, he addresses the issue of the length of time involved in obtaining results.  “There will, however, be situations where the pathology has existed for so long a time that recovery seems impossible.  This is true because it requires approximately two years of treatment, with massive doses of vitamins and a high protein diet, to repair one year of the disease.” Ž 

One source of Liver Extract and B1 for injections:  800-679-4667    Option Care Compounding Pharmacy



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