A. Keith Brewer, PhD

Aubrey Keith Brewer, Ph.D.,

(1893-1986) the founder of the Brewer International Science Library, had a lifelong desire to understand the processes going on in the living cell. He was convinced that the tools and methods he used in the laboratory as a physicist could be applied to such phenomena as cancer, the aging process and mutations.

The development of his theory of the High pH Cancer Therapy with Cesium grew out of his understanding of the physics of the cell membrane. The articles contained in these booklets are representative of the many articles he has written about the development and utilization of this theory. Dr. Brewer funded animal research studies undertaken by Dr. Marilyn Tufte of the Department of Biology at the University of Wisconsin at Platteville, which demonstrated confirmation of his theory on the uptake of cesium by cancer cells.

Read Dr. Brewer's words about his interest in cancer treatment and how this culminated in the development of his High pH Cancer Therapy.

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High pH Cancer Therapy with Cesium

The A. Keith Brewer High pH Cancer Therapy is based upon mass spectrographic analysis of the cancer cell, on a detailed study of the isotopic effect through cells of all types, and upon the fluorescent and phosphorescent decay pattern of both normal cells and cancer cells.  It fits perfectly with the composition of food intake in geographic areas where the incidence of cancer is very low.  Tests carried out on mice have shown the therapy to be effective.  Preliminary results from limited tests on humans indicate a positive response that is worthy of further investigation and study.

Cancer: Its Nature and A Proposed Treatment--$5.00 US [buy]
A layman's introduction to Dr. A. Keith Brewer's High pH Cancer Therapy with Cesium

Table of Contents...

  • Introduction to Dr. A. Keith Brewer's High pH Cancer Therapy with Cesium
  • Cancer: Its Nature and A Proposed Treatment
    • Association Between Cations and Molecules
    • The Cell Membrane, The Double Bond
    • The Cancer Process
    • Cell Life and pH
    • Low pH Therapy
    • High pH Therapy
    • Animal Tests
    • Human Tests
    • Historic and Geographic Evidence
    • High pH Therapy and Enhancements

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High pH Cancer Therapy with Cesium--$12.00 US (40 pages) [buy]

Table of Contents...

  • Development of the High pH Cancer Therapy
  • High pH Cancer Therapy Protocol: Parts 1, 2, 3
  • Physics of the Cell Membrane
  • The Role of Cation Transport on the Incidence, Distribution and Treatment of Cancer
  • The Role of K, Rb, and Cs in Low Cancer Rate Areas
  • The Concept of Active Transport
  • Laetrile: Mechanism of Action

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