Hans A. Nieper, M.D., (1928-1998) a well-known internist from Hannover, Germany, developed unique biological approaches to the treatment of cancer and multiple sclerosis, as well as other diseases. Since the Brewer Science Library's inception, thousands of individuals have requested Dr. Nieper's informative papers on these subjects.

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Professional Packet

Save 50% on Secondary Packet when purchasing Primary Packet! [buy] both for $21.25.

Primary Cancer Packet--$13.75 [buy]

Table of Contents...

  • Genetic Repair, including "Iridodial" -- #CA1 [$2.50] [buy]
  • The Nontoxic Long-term Therapy of Cancer, Its Necessity, State of the Art, and Trends -- #CA34 [$5.00] [buy]
  • The Anti-Tumor Activity of Benzaldehyde -- #CA38 [$1.00] [buy]
  • New Horizons in Nontoxic Cancer Therapy -- #CA43 [$1.50] [buy]
  • Cancer Diet & Precautions / Dowsers / Beta-Carotene -- #CA44 [$0.75] [buy]
  • "Modern Medical Cancer Therapy Following the Decline of Toxic Chemotherapy"-- [$2.00] [buy]
  • Recalcification of Bone Metastases by Calcium Diorotate -- #CA21 [$1.00] [buy]
  • Urea article -- [free]
  • Letter on CaEAP results with cancer -- [free]

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Secondary Cancer Packet--$15.00 [buy]
Save 50% on Secondary Packet when purchasing Primary Packet! [buy] both for $21.25.

Table of Contents...

  • Example of a Patient's Office Interview & Consultation with Dr. Nieper -- #CA17 [$1.50] [buy]
  • Cancer Cocoon--Removing the Cancer Shield with Bromelain -- #CA19 [$0.50] [buy]
  • Tumosterone -- #CA36 [$0.75] [buy]
  • On the State of the Art in Cancer Research & Cancer Therapy -- #CA42 [$0.50] [buy]
  • Membrane Repair Against Immune and Degenerative Diseases -- #CA46 [$4.00] [buy]
  • New Developments in Gene Repair -- #CA48 [$2.50] [buy]
  • An Open Letter from Dr. Nieper--Facts About Toxicity of Catalytic Converters -- #CA49 [$2.50] [buy]
  • The Treatment of Malignant Processes with Substances of Potential Genetic Repair Effect -- #CA51 [$0.50] [buy]
  • Nerve Gas from Cars with Catalytic Converters -- #CA52 [$2.25] [buy]


Primary & Secondary Cancer Packets--$21.25
Save 50% on Secondary Packet when purchasing Primary Packet! [buy] both.

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Dr. Nieper's Cancer Excerpts--$2.50 [buy]

Includes excerpts on leukemia, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, use of zinc in cancer therapy, melanoma, kidney tumors, ovarian cancer, adenocarcinoma of the lung and lung cancer from platinum in catalytic converters, pancreatic cancer and liver metastasization.

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Professional Cancer Packet--$12.50 [buy]

Table of Contents...

  • The Changes & Prospects in the Medical Treatment of Cancer -- #CA3 [$2.00] [buy]
  • The Nieper Approach (Regimen) to Biological Cancer Treatment...A Low-Toxicity Cancer Treatment of Long-term Perspective -- #CA15 [$1.00] [buy]
  • The Nieper Regimen: A Biological Approach to the Control of Cancer -- #CA18 [$1.50] [buy]
  • Recalcification of Bone Metastases by Calcium Diorotate -- #CA21 [$1.00] [buy]
  • Problems of Early Cancer Diagnosis & Therapy -- #CA25 [$1.75] [buy]
  • Critical Survey of the State of Cancer Research with Nitrilosides -- #CA35 [$1.50] [buy]
  • Lecture Excerpt, "Malignant Gene Repair Substance & Its Clinical Effects" -- #CA45 [$1.50] [buy]
  • Cancer Research with Single-Cell Algae--Comments by Dr. Nieper on this important book by Heinz Doetsch -- #CA50 [$2.25] [buy]

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