Hans A. Nieper, M.D., (1928-1998) a well-known internist from Hannover, Germany, developed unique biological approaches to the treatment of cancer and multiple sclerosis, as well as other diseases. Since the Brewer Science Library's inception, thousands of individuals have requested Dr. Nieper's informative papers on these subjects.

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Multiple Sclerosis & Other Illnesses

MS Basic | 1999 MS CaEAP Survey | Nieper's Excerpts | MS Secondary
Doctor's Packet | Mineral Transporters Packet | Mineral Logic Booklet

Save 50% on Secondary Packet when purchasing Basic Packet! [buy] both for $28.00.

Basic Multiple Sclerosis Packet--$19.50 [buy]

Table of Contents...

  • Regimen for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis -- #MS10 [$3.00] [buy]
  • The Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis -- #MS12 [$10.00] [buy]
  • Suggestions for MS Patients / Dowsers -- #P2 [$1.50] [buy]
  • Impairment of Digestive Potential in MS & Osteoporosis Patients -- [free]
  • Mineral Transporters -- [$0.25] [buy]
  • Dr. George Morrissette's Discussion of CaEAP -- [$4.50] [buy]
  • Daniel Dunphy, P.A.'s Explanation of CaEAP -- [$0.25] [buy]
  • "Calcium EAP: Unknown but Invaluable" by Dr. Robert Atkins -- [free]

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1999 Intravenous Calcium EAP Survey for Multiple Sclerosis--$5.00 [buy]


  • Over 300 participants responded; includes over 140 patients' comments; 54 pages

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Nieper's Excerpts on MS & Related Illnesses--$5.00 [buy]


  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Disease)
  • Progressive Systemic Sclerosis
  • Lupus
  • Scleroderma
  • Aluminum
  • Friedreich's ataxia
  • Leukodystrophy

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Secondary Multiple Sclerosis Packet--$17.00 [buy]
Save 50% on Secondary Packet when purchasing Basic Packet! [buy] both for $28.00.

Table of Contents...

  • Multiple Sclerosis--an Internistic Illness -- #MS24 [$3.50] [buy]
  • Colamine Phosphate Salts as Membrane Integrity Factor -- #CM26 [$3.50] [buy]
  • The Uses of CaEAP for MS, Asthma & Diabetes -- #CM27 [$6.50] [buy]
  • Progress of Eumetabolic Preventive Medicine -- #CM7 [$3.50] [buy]

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Doctor's Packet Regarding MS and Other Illnesses--Special Price $33.00 (plus shipping of $4.00-6.00) [buy]

Table of Contents...

  • MS Basic Packet listed above
  • 1999 Intravenous Calcium EAP Survey
  • Articles: #MS24 and #CM26 from MS Secondary Packet listed above
  • Article: #CM15a from Mineral Transporters Packet listed below
  • Dr. Nieper's General Treatment & Prevention Protocols for Various Illnesses (4 pages)
  • Dr. Nieper's Comments on the Hachen MS Study
  • Excerpts on the Nieper MS Therapy from Various Sources
  • Directions for Use, Sources of Calcium EAP, Patient Responses, Follow-up, General Info

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Mineral Transporters Packet --$19.50 [buy]

Table of Contents...

  • Mineral Transporters & Excerpts -- #CM1 [$4.00] [buy]
  • The Anti-Inflammatory and Immune-Inhibiting Effects of Calcium Orotate on Bradytrophic Tissue -- #CM14 [$3.50] [buy]
  • A Clinical Study of the Mineral Transport Substances (includes EAP) -- #CM15a [$5.50] [buy]
  • Study of the Clinical Effect of Aspartate, CaEAP & Cortisones -- #CM15b [$2.50] [buy]
  • The Clinical Effect of Calcium Orotate on Cartilage Tissue -- CM29 [$4.00] [buy]

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Mineral Logic Booklet--$4.00 (includes postage) [buy]
  • Recommended by Hans Nieper, M.D., this professional level booklet discusses various mineral transporters and the human cell. By Mark Timon, M.S. 43 pgs.

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