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Spring 1999

  Only One Pill a Day Keeps Some Cancers at Bay
  MS Survey Participant Tells Her Success Story
  Hormone Replacement Alternatives for Women
  Stress Hormone May Speed Up Brain Aging

Summer 1999

  Antioxidant and Anti-Cancer Benefits of IP6
  Remarkable Benefits from MSM for Pain Relief, Allergies, Asthma and More
  Dr. Nieper on Individuality of Protocols-Part I
  The Excitement of Vinpocetine

Fall 1999

  Neurological Disease: A Potential Breakthrough
  Optimizing Brain Functions 21st Century Supplementation for Slowing
    Neurological Deterioration & Maximizing Potential
  Simple and Inexpensive Home Remedies for Y2K & Anytime!
  New Drug Repairs Nerves & Restores Some Functions

Winter 1999

  Optimizing Brain Functions: Part II
  D-Mannose and Infections
  Can Naltrexone Relieve MS Symptoms?
  Short Circuiting MS symptoms with Two Innovative Devices
  A Promising New (yet old) Treatment for MS
  New Survey Reaffirms Benefits of German MS Therapy
  Tremors Helped by NADH
  Dr. Nieper on Individuality of Protocols-Part II

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