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Dr. Nieper on Viruses: Part II
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Excerpted from New Horizons, Fall 1998 

Ideas and concepts contained in this article are from Dr. Nieper's 1997 New York FAIM Conference lecture. A full 12+ page transcript of this lecture will be available soon from the Brewer Science Library. Edited and summarized by Christina L. White, B.A.

Dr. Nieper is a strong proponent of the concept of viruses, especially of the Herpes group, interacting at some stage in a person's cellular mechanisms and interjecting misleading information that can result years later in the development of a malignancy, or other serious disease process. The biological protocols that he treats people with for all types of illnesses usually contain substances that Dr. Nieper has found to be effective in extinguishing the viral influence.


Dr. Nieper proposes in his writings that the Bittner factor, a retrovirus, is implicated in the development and spread of breast cancer. Even when malignancy shows up only in one breast his recommendation has been to have both breasts removed so that the Bittner factor is no longer harbored in the remaining breast tissue. The typical recurrence rate for breast cancer after lumpectomy, radiation and chemotherapy is about 45%, but Dr. Nieper reports that when both breasts are removed the recurrence rate drops to about 9%.

Dr. Nieper reports that the normal breast has a capacitance of 0.18 microfarad. When it is less there is the development of fibrocystic disease and malignancies tend to occur when the capacitance drops to less than 0.08.

Another observation that Dr. Nieper has made in regard to the development of breast cancer is that the use of calcium l-dl-aspartate apparently suppresses the formation of breast cancer by maintaining the breast tissue in its original healthy condition, which is resistant to the development of malignancy. Calcium AEP is also utilized to maintain the electromagnetic properties of the cellular membrane.


Restoring the integrity of the cellular membrane, which includes repairing its condenser function, results in increased ability of the cells to resist viral assaults. Dr. Nieper reports that the area represented from the totality of the cell membranes is about one acre per body, and it carries a charge of about 90 kilowatts per centimeter. The substance he uses in this regard is Calcium AEP, which he believes restores the electromagnetic properties of the cellular membrane structure as well as protects its structural properties from disintegration, aging and viral attacks.

Dr. Nieper proposes that it is the magnetic property of the tissue that determines its risk of becoming malignant, and his own clinical experiences have demonstrated that the large group of patients who have been on Calcium AEP for many years have a very low development of manifest malignancies. He comments that the average manifestation of malignancy from a group of patients representing about 10,000 life years would be 45 patients with malignancies, but of those on Calcium AEP, only about 2 manifest malignancies will show up in the same 10,000 patient life years. He attributes this result to the increase of the condenser charge of the cell membrane from the Calcium AEP.


Dr. Nieper reports that "in general the entire group of the so-called aldehydes have extinguishing properties in front of these viruses inside of the cell." Benzaldehyde, an active principle from the breakdown of laetrile, has the ability to be a virus-extinguishing factor. Dr. Nieper often employs the benzaldehyde therapy, or Kochi therapy where the benzaldehyde is caught in a sugar basket, to slow down malignant diseases.

Dr. Nieper has also developed synthetic derivatives of laetrile, one of which is urea mandelonitrile, which he uses extensively to fight this latent viral information. Dr. Nieper uses urea mandelonitrile in both capsule and liquid forms in the treatment of many illnesses, such as colitis, multiple sclerosis, ALS, all malignancies, and especially in leukemia. It is available from German pharmacies.


As long ago as the 1950's a preparation called RH50 was used to treat rheumatoid disease, and several patients with lung cancers regressed while on it. Dr. Nieper employed it for some of these otherwise untreatable lung adenocarcinomas with benefit. This product was derived from ants out of the forest in Austria. As Dr. Nieper explains, ants have a repair system which extinguishes the virus information so that it cannot overwhelm the insect.

Dr. Nieper's clinical experience with this ant factor for 15 or so patients with advanced forms of malignancies proved to be very positive, as long as the ant factor was available.

According to Dr. Nieper this ant factor seems to very, very slowly suffocate the malignancy. It takes eight months or even up to two years to keep the malignancy regressing. He reports that under these ant factors he has observed tumor regressions that have not been obtainable before.

Unexpectedly, this ant factor, iridodial, does not result in positive effects against malignant cells in the test tube or in animal models either.

Dr. Nieper reports that the ant factor, iridodial, seems to need a really long time to suffocate the malignancy, and in his opinion this is due to the very slow annihilation of the viral information in the tumor cell.

Dr. Nieper has reported that although most ants have some of this repair factor, the ants from the northern areas of both Argentina and Australia have about 2% of their weight in this iridodial factor. He comments that the development of these repair substances is in response to the amount of solar bombardment the ant colony receives. The iridodial is activated by energy from the geopathogenic zones. Preparation of the product requires care in maintaining the electromagnetic activation of the iridodial so that it is effective. In order for iridodial to be really effective in cancer cases, Dr. Nieper says that patients need to take about 5,000 ants each day.

Efforts to synthesize the iridodial molecule so far have failed, although Dr. Nieper is continuing in this pursuit.


A Pharmacy Packet is available for $2 from the Brewer Science Library that explains how to obtain some of the above-mentioned German products.

Back issues of New Horizons

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