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"The HoCak Wazija Haci Language Division"

We will be transferring all of our web pages to this site on a gradual basis and most of the links that you have been using for phrases and the SIL conference are operational. If you find a broken link at the new web site return here to www.mwt.net/~hocak to continue.

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Mission Statement

The HoCak Wazija Haci Language Division exists to perpetuate the HoCak language for the future generations. The Division is responsible for the assessment, design, delivery, implementation, and evaluation of the educational Programs and/or Projects that stabilize, revitalize, and preserve the HoCak language. The Programs are available to all tribal members regardless of age.

Contact Information:

You can write us at:

HoCak Wazija Haci Language Division

PO Box 390, Hwy 58

Mauston, WI 53948

Call us at either:

(608) 847-5694 or Toll Free at (800) 492-5745

Fax us at:

(608) 847-7203

We can also be contacted via e-mail at:


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