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  Liquid Needle products extend balance throughout the body. When the body is in balance, all of its parts, including the immune system, nervous system, etc., operate more efficiently.

For general use of Liquid Needle Topicals, apply to 6 Basic Balancing Points shown in Figure 1.

Placing a drop on your finger and rubbing into the point is most effective. One might wonder how the 6 Basic Balancing Points were chosen. Years of study and research at Developmental Natural Resources, Inc., have led to the discovery of the body's most important Balancing Points. The 6 Basic Balancing Points are the key points for overall balance of the entire body. But you should not stop there. Some other points can be most beneficial. This brochure details our most important Balancing Points. Other uses for Liquid Needle Topicals are explained on the balancing point page link.

You can use Kineseology Testing to determine additional points for each individual. These points may be locations of scar tissue or other imbalances. To learn about finding these points, refer to the DNR Training Video, "Liquid Needle Can Enrich a Life Forever," or attend a Liquid Needle Seminar.

DNR also offers Liquid Needle Body Soaks which extend a natural balance to the entire body while soaking.

For More Information, Contact Your Independent DNR Dealer: GARY GUNDLACH, ID# 101-918  Phone 1.800.888.9454

Important: Store Liquid Needle products at room temperature away from microwave ovens, refrigerators, and other high EMF sources.

Liquid Needle. has no chemical effect on any structure or function of the body and makes no claims as to a treatment or cure. Item 232 ~ Copynght 1995 DNR, Inc. Rev. 08/08/95

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