- Dimensions:   Front of stage is 50 inches high,  Back  of stage is 6 feet high by 5 feet wide  Depth of stage is 24 inches.     

- Optional side curtains add  33" to both sides giving 11 feet 2 inches total. The side curtains can be rotated to any angle desired for excellent back stage privacy. 

- Weight of stage in carrying case is ~ 22 pounds.  Sides curtains come in their own carrying case, wt is ~12 lbs.

- Fabric is crushed velvet stretch polyester which keeps it's sharp appearance after storage. 

 For custom colors add $45.00 More Examples 

 How many Puppets and Puppeteers??

The Traveler can accompany three adult puppeteers,  two is comfortable three is a little crowded but not bad.  3 to 4 children puppeteers - three is comfortable 4 is crowded.


So, you could have up to 4 or 6  (18' puppets)  across the front and 4-6 across the back.
Adding side curtains would increase the number across the back significantly.