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We received the dual stage with side curtains and assembled it this week.  I am not very good at assembly, but was easily able to follow the directions.  It was great to find sharpie lines where pipes should line up.  It’s a great looking stage, light, easily portable in the two cases, and the prop shelf and script clips are great.  I can’t wait to use it!  You’ve definitely taken our puppet ministry to the next level.

 Thanks so much!


 Thanks for the follow-up. Yes, I did get it to load correctly after a minor adjustment due to using Windows XP. These plans are an answer to prayer, they are just what I have been looking for, and I love the "see through" idea!  Thanks ..........(VA)


We're having a gas making puppets here...your video made it a snap. I'll forward a photo of (our puppets)  as soon as their clothes are completely done.......Thanks alot,   


       Jim,     We watched the Puppets Teach Puppetry.  I like it!  Cute characters.  Since we're science type folks, what's Dr. Test Tube's role? Bio. etc.

           I've viewed part of the "You Can Do it"  We've only made a couple foam puppets, and your directions are helpful, and encouraging for the visual learner like me who had trouble following the book. Thanks,    Carol  (Oregon)
   Hi Jim!
The puppet stage is great! We used it today doing improvisation. It is so easy to assemble and displays very nicely. You get an A+   Please feel free to use me as a reference.
Mike D'Aloia
SBS Library
192 Southern Blvd.
Chatham, NJ 07928


Hi Jim,

This is Laura from the Las Vegas Library District. We bought a puppet
stage from you in August/September and I just wanted to tell you how
much we are loving it. It is extremely easy to set-up and take down; we
can do it in 5 minutes flat. Despite the many times we have used it to
date, it is still looking good and holding up well. We are also loving
the fact that it is so easy to carry around because we visit 5-10
elementary schools per week! Everything about it is efficient and
effective and the kids love the way it looks. Thank you for your
well-thought-out design.


Laura Beals D'Elia    

   *This customer called this week to order a second stage and side curtains set. I asked her to make a comment  for this page about her experience with the the stage/side curtains we shipped to them in September.  Thank you for the feedback Laura! 

   Hi. This is Rod in Myrtle Beach, SC.  I received your video on puppets
teaching puppetry and may l say that it was to the point, easy to understand,
and priced perfectly.  Thanks for getting it to me so quickly.


 I got the puppet videos this weekend, thanks.  I have to say that it was very much worth the cost......  I'd like to let you know that the pattern you included with your video is way, way,  far superior to the design/ pattern I purchased from ..........  I got great instructions as well as a far superior body pattern for my puppets. (Ohio)

  "Hi!   I received my puppet video today.   It is wonderful!!   I can't wait to start building my first puppet.   I really liked the tip about the electric knife.  I would have never thought of it.   Thanks!   I will let you know how it turns out." (Missouri)

    "Hi!    Hey, I got my puppet done this weekend.   It turned out great.   I keep looking at it and can't hardly believe I made  it - and it really wasn't that hard.   Thanks so much for the video!"  (Missouri)  Click on the pic. PostCard_1.jpg (11921 bytes)






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