Read what our customers say about 'Puppets Teach Puppetry'

Puppets Teach Puppetry - highly effective puppeteer training video.

11 Crazy  puppet characters will have you  laughing  as you learn how to make your puppets come to life in your hands!   Learn Voice, Character, Proper Movement Stage Presence and much more.

*Puppets Teach Puppetry is an essential teaching tool for puppeteers of all ages. They'll watch it again and again. Learn while being entertained!

  • Puppet Posture,  

  • Puppeteer posture

  • Proper Mouth Movement

  • Eyes on the audience

  • Stage presence 


  • Entering - exiting stage

  • Use of a rod for arm movements 

  • Character development

  • Voice manipulation and  voice care.    





  Puppets Teach Puppetry - highly effective puppeteer training video.  


A whole cast  of crazy puppet people (10 different characters) entertain and teach you what it's like to have foam for brains!  

$12.95 + $3 S/H DVD

   With Chapters for easy review -  Learn voice, character, proper movement and more .   Request VHS for cassette version

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What our customers say about 'Puppets Teach Puppetry' 

Hi. This is Rod in Myrtle Beach, SC.  I received your video on puppets
teaching puppetry and may l say that it was to the point, easy to understand,
and priced perfectly.  Thanks for getting it to me so quickly.


Jim,     We watched the Puppets Teach Puppetry.  I like it!  Cute characters.  Since we're science type folks, what's Dr. Test Tube's role? Bio. etc.

           I've viewed part of the "You Can Do it"  We've only made a couple foam puppets, and your directions are helpful, and encouraging for the visual learner like me who had trouble following the book. Thanks,    Carol  (Oregon)