The VIP Puppet Company FAQ

Hi Shelia,


Here are some answers to your questions :

1. How durable is your stage material (flimsy, easy to push over)?  Our stage is made of small diameter, high pressure pvc pipe.  It is not easy to push over, nor does it fall apart during the show.

2. How does the curtain stay on the top and bottom of the staging? The curtain has a rod pocket across the top which hangs on the top horizontal pipes.  The bottom hangs freely but can be fastened to the bottom of the stage frame with safety pin,  yarn or velcro (not included).


My husband is 6 ft. 3 inches tall and I am 5 ft. 3 inches tall so in regard to what would work best so that his head does not show and I donít have to stretch too far to have my puppet seen Ė what size and height would you recommend we use for our stage?  Our stage is 49-50 inches tall in the front.  I am 6 feet tall and this works well for me.  I sold one to a woman who was your hieght and she wanted to customize it to her size but it turned out that while kneeling, her elbow was the same distance from the floor as mine. So we didn't alter the height,  worked out fine.  You can use varying size floor mats or step mats to adjust for different size puppeteers.  Walmart or Target sells folding stools you might try.  

3. Are the side curtains really necessary if you only have two puppets all the time?  The side curtains give greater privacy and room for your sound systems, puppets and props.   The stage works fine with out the sides.

4. Is your stage easy to assemble for two people to put together?  Our stage is very easy to assemble, one person can set it up within 5 min.  Once you have done it a time or two,  its a breeze. Take down is just as easy. 


Thanks for your interest in our stage!   Let me know if you come up with more questions.



Jim Rasmusson




Last year I ordered the puppet stage without the side curtains. We have really enjoyed it and put on many plays here at our school. I was just wondering if you had a suggestion for keeping the pipe joints together better. The ones in front are the ones that come apart most often, I think partly due to the weight and pressure from students and puppets. Is there any way to tighten them better or any product I could use for this?  I do not put it up and take it down frequently, once itís up, it stays that way for several weeks while we are practicing. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!



School Psychologist

Crestview Elementary School



Hi Julie,
Glad your getting good use of your stage.  
Here's two options for you:
1.  purchase  pvc primer (purple in color often,  also comes in clear),  less than $2.00 for small can (includes applicator swab on screw off cap) .    Just coat the inside of the front fittings with the primer and it will give it extra friction to hold those pipes in.   If it is still not enough grip,  coat the horizontal front pipe ends with the primer as well.  
2.  You can use flat headed 1/2 inch screws (like the ones for your scenery hangers) which self - tap into the fitting and go through the pipe (while assembled) thereby holding them in place. 
If this is not clear to you from my explanation,  please call 608-604-5555 and I'll be glad to explain it further
*its good to teach the puppeteers not to rest their arms on the front of the stage.
*its another thing to try to get them to stop it : )
Have a beautiful Christmas!


Hope all is well with you.  Our kids are really enjoying the puppet stage that we purchased from you in August.  I did have a question about it.  Upon a recent fire dept. inspection they informed us that we needed to treat the curtain material with a fire retardant.  Is it already fire retardant material? or will we need to treat it?  If we need to treat it, do you have any suggestions?  Thanks.
Greg Hales
Executive Pastor
Midway Baptist Church



Hi Greg,

That's the first I've heard of a stage failing fire inspection.  Did they give you any suggestions as to what to use to make it fire retardant? 
Last month,  I did have a customer ask if it was fire retardant material before they purchased theirs.  I called a fabric store to find out if that material was fire retardant and they said it was not but that not many fabrics are fire retardant.  
Did the inspector ask if it was to be assembled and up at all times or for temporary use? I wonder if that would make a difference.  Possibly it is a fire hazard if it is a permanent fixture in the building.   I wonder if other curtains, carpeting, seat covers are all made with fire retardant fabrics.  
Sorry not much help for you.  I will look into it more.  State by state there are likely to be different code standards.





We are currently using an aluminum framed accordion type stage that, unfolded, has about the same dimensions as your stage.  Ours goes up very quickly & I was wondering how many pieces your stage is in.  I know your site says it goes up in 5 minutes Ė that sounds pretty quick if you have lots of pieces to fit together.  Can you give me a little more info?


Teri W.  



Hi Terri,
The standard stage has 12 pieces.  The side curtains add an additional 8 pieces which are in a separate carrying case for easy storage and assembly.
Once you know how the stage goes together it does not take long to set it up.
Our carrying cases keep everything are durable and easily fit into your trunk or across the back seat of a car. They also fit vertically in a passenger seat. 

I work for a non-profit program that does puppet show in class rooms as part of our education to elementary and preschool students. We are in need of a puppet stage that can be assembled and disassembled in a very short period of time as we move from classroom to class room. Could you please tell me: How much does the stage weigh, what is the assembly and disassembly time and how large of a space is needed for setting up the stage. If you do not feel this stage would suit our needs, could you please recommend another option. Thank you!


Stacy M.



Our stage is quick to set up and take down,  5 minutes tops up or down.

It is also possible to move it with out disassembling it.

One person can lift and walk with the stage while it is set up.

How many puppeteers and puppets do you use at the same time?

The standard interactive stage with side curtains is approx 35 lbs.

I use this stage for Sunday school class settings and library shows.

The stage is 5 feet wide and each side adds another 3 feet. So all together
it can be 8 feed wide.  The side curtains can be angled any amount you
like and work well to hide your puppets, sound equipment as well as giving
you more space to work.  The stage alone with out the side curtains also
works well set up in the corner of the room.

Give me a call and we can answer any other questions you have.

I can be reached at 608-604-5555


Jim Rasmusson