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Hi Jim,

I just wanted to thank you for the quick shipment of the Puppet Stage! I received it yesterday & went straight to work setting it up!  It looks great, and we are very pleased with it!  It looks nice online, but even better in person!  So excited to use it!
Thanks again!


Living Waters Church
7382 Stewart Sharon Rd.
Hubbard, OH 44425

 Dear Jim,


As I said when I spoke with you on the phone, our library is part of a regional system.  One of our branches already has one of your wonderful puppet theaters that we have borrowed from time to time.  It is portable and easily set up, as we often take our puppet shows to daycares and rest homes in the area.  When our branch decided to get our own puppet theater, I knew I wanted one exactly like the one weve been using.  Its so versatile and convenient, it suits our needs perfectly. 


Sara Woolson

Youth Services Specialist

B.J. Chain Public Library



The stage we purchased from puppetstage.net is by far the best piece of equipment we’ve purchased for our children’s ministry. The construction of the stage was so well thought through that it makes putting it together a piece of cake. And best of all, the friendliness and generosity of everyone involved with puppetstage.net has been a blessing to our staff. Thank you for making our jobs easier - what a great ministry!

Dean-o, Children’s Pastor, Crossline Church, Mission Viejo, CA.


Hi Jim.

I wanted to let you know that the stage and all the scenery arrived safely.  We love it!  Thanks so much for creating such clear instructions on the stage assembly.  The stage was very easy for me to assemble by myself and it's quick to put up and take down.  Plus the stage packs down small enough to fit in our super-small Japanese compact cars.  The backdrops are just great.  I hope to weasel some more funding later on this year so we can order a few more.  :0)  
Thanks for all your help during the order process.  It's been a pleasure to be your customer.

HollyMay Pickel
Program & Acquisitions Librarian
Library Processing Center, Camp Foster
MCB Butler, Okinawa, Japan
Office #: 645-6056 or 645-6057
Commercial Direct #: 011-81-611-745-6056

What a great surprise today when we got home!!!!  My daughter knew right away it was the puppet stage on our front steps,
and she flew out of the car to get it. 
It is absolutely beautiful!  It will be so fun doing our Easter shows with our new stage. 
Thanks for getting it to us so quickly.
God Bless You,
V. Sarchet


Jim –I received the puppet stage and had an opportunity to set it up today. It looks great and very easy to put together.


Willamette Christian Center

Eugene, Oregon


Got it! Fabulous...thanks Jim. Nice doing business with you!

J.ennifer L. Davis,
Community Disaster Education Coord.
Community Education
ARC Greater Columbus
(614) 253-2740 ext. 2404


Subject: Puppet stage a big hit

Hi Jim,

Just letting you know, our library puppet stage is
fine. We leave it up, and it serves as an ad for our programs. The
kids love it, and often create their own little shows.
Too cute!
Pearl Avenue Branch Library
San Jose Public Library
San Jose, CA



It was nearly a year ago when I ordered your amazing stage set up. I feel compelled to write you and THANK YOU for this most incredible stage. People are constantly commenting on how gorgeous it is when I'm setting it up, and it is so compact when I travel. You were right...in no time at all I was able to set it up quickly and without looking at the letter guides written on it anymore. It is so flexible -- I can fit into the smallest of houses, and the hugest of auditoriums, really spreading it out. I can close up the back or leave it open. It never wrinkles, and it is just....stunning! The carry bags are so convenient and sturdy. Everyone comments on the brilliance of their construction. You did such an awesome job. And your  script clips are something I never knew existed, but now can't live without. Thank you for that, too!
Every time I'm assembling the stage with my assistant, I'm always singing your praise:  
"I LOVE my stage! I just LOVE my puppet stage!"  You made a dream come true for me, and to this day, I am so grateful to have found you on the internet to custom-make this beauty for me. It is priceless to me and so reflective of the high quality of puppetry I bring to my audiences.

THANK YOU! I think of you every week when I smile and put this beauty together.
of www.PoppinPuppets.com 

"We're Busy Enriching Imaginations!"
Poppin' Puppets
Puppets Serving Massachusetts, Connecticut & Rhode Island


Puppet stage arrived in good condition.  We set it up yesterday. Puppeteers are

Thank you,  Regina 

Hi Jim,
I wanted you to know that the puppet stage arrived and we used it this past week for our Vacation Bible school.  It worked beautifully.  We had been doing our puppetry with makeshift stages, usually old furniture.  It was very awkward.  With the new stage, we had plenty of room and comfortable positions from which to operate the puppets.  The multiple levels gave us opportunities to move the puppets in more creative ways.  I would recommend the stage and extensions to anyone who wishes to improve their puppet performances.  I think the puppets helped the children to learn more about the our Lord!  Thanks so much for responding to my order so quickly. 
God bless,

I can't even begin to tell you about the success we have had with the vip puppet stage.  We have just been booked out through to the end of the year for our shows with one mall,  6 shows at strawberry festival, 2 at Galleria, 3 Birthday Parties and 2 Libraries and 2 Daycares.


Thank You!  For your courteous help & assistance on the phone and email
communication update in the process of purchasing this stage.   

Received our
stage and side curtains today 01/24/05.  We put it together. It looks
BEAUTIFUL and very professional.  I am very pleased with this stage much
more than our classroom style stage we used.  Though I will continue to keep
our old one for practices and puppeteer training, as to save wear and tear
on our new VIP stage (smile).  This VIP Stage is easy to put together, roomy
and very sturdy.  My two teens were very comfortable in front, plus 3-4
puppeteers in the back without bumping into each other; which was a great
plus. WE LOVE IT!!  Kids and I can't wait to use it at our upcoming events
and shows.  Thanks for allowing us to look more professional with this
quality made stage.

God Bless,  K. S.
                Spencer Show-N-Tell
                Freehold, New Jersey

Our office conducts puppet show presentations in area schools to teach children about recycling and litter prevention.  For the longest time, we attempted to use our own makeshift puppet stages, but transporting them each time was very cumbersome, and they quickly showed signs of wear. 
We are so pleased with the puppet stage we purchased from the VIP Puppet Company.  Transporting the stage is now so simple because all of the pieces come in sturdy carrying cases, and for all of the pieces that need to be put together, it is surprisingly simple to assemble.  We were also very impressed with the rich quality of the beautiful fabrics.  Our presentations are now drastically more professional in appearance. Another great thing is that for small classroom presentations, we can easily use only the middle section of the puppet stage and still remain enclosed, while for larger presentations on stage, we can use both side panels for a bigger visual impact.
Thank you, VIP Puppet Company, for making us look so good!
Jill Meyers
Administrative Assistant
Tuscarawas County Office of Recycling & Litter Prevention


Hi Jim!

The puppet stage is great! We used it today doing improvisation. It is so easy to assemble and displays very nicely. You get an A+   Please feel free to use me as a reference.

 Mike D'Aloia


Hi Jim,

This is Laura from the Las Vegas Library District. We bought a puppet
stage from you in August/September and I just wanted to tell you how
much we are loving it. It is extremely easy to set-up and take down; we
can do it in 5 minutes flat. Despite the many times we have used it to
date, it is still looking good and holding up well. We are also loving
the fact that it is so easy to carry around because we visit 5-10
elementary schools per week! Everything about it is efficient and
effective and the kids love the way it looks. Thank you for your
well-thought-out design.


Laura Beals 
D'Aloia       *  Just bought their second set of stage and sides



   Hi. This is Rod in Myrtle Beach, SC.  I received your video on puppets
teaching puppetry and may l say that it was to the point, easy to understand,
and priced perfectly.  Thanks for getting it to me so quickly.



  Jim,   I received the package Thursday.  Thanks.  We watched it as soon as I got home and then I stayed up writing a review.  You can see from the reviews that I really enjoyed them. You have a great product.  Sincerely,  Bob

 http://www.kbob.com/Puppetry/training.htm - Puppets Teach Puppetry  

http://www.kbob.com/Puppetry/construction.htm - You Can Do It

     "Hi!   I received my puppet video today.   It is wonderful!!   I can't wait to start building my first puppet.   I really liked the tip about the electric knife.  I would have never thought of it.   Thanks!   I will let you know how it turns out." (Missouri)

    "Hi!    Hey, I got my puppet done this weekend.   It turned out great.   I keep looking at it and can't hardly believe I made  it - and it really wasn't that hard.   Thanks so much for the video!"  (Missouri) See this customers first puppet

  I got the puppet videos this weekend, thanks.  I have to say that it was very much worth the cost......  I'd like to let you know that the pattern you included with your video is way, way,  far superior to the design/ pattern I purchased from ..........  I got great instructions as well as a far superior body pattern for my puppets. (Ohio)

Simply Accounting Testimonials

Jason B. 

This customer has been using simple accounting from VIP for his small construction company for the year of 2007.

"helped me get organized and keep up with my quarterly taxes. In the past, I never kept track of it, I didn't pay quarterly taxes, I would just pay at the end of the year. Now I have allot less penalties. It has really saved me alot this year with no penalties for unpaid quarterly taxes and I don't have to pay and accountant either which I was told is about $150 - $200 a month to have it done for me.

Once you get doing this, it only takes 15 minutes a month. I keep allot closer tabs on my receipts with the monthly receipt envelopes, and now I'm using the spreadsheet for the computer that you included, that really works good." 

: )

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