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Very detailed and easy to follow. Build your own puppets and save big $$$$$

* The Video 'You Can Do It' takes you step by step thru the process of making  foam based puppets - the type seen on this web site -You'll see that...YOU CAN DO IT..... too !!!!

These puppets mouths move exceptionally easily

Here's what you Get: 

  • The DVD or Video Cassette (choose below)   

  • Full size patterns

  • The Ebook of the same title- every detail explained in writing MinRequirments Win 95 / 98 / NT4 / 2000 / Me / XP and MSIE  4 or later 

 Create fun puppet characters with $10 - $18 in supplies and approx. 3 to 4 hours project time. 

See this customers first puppet  Read a customers Review

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  $24.95+$5 S/H Has Chapters DVD, Patterns and eBook  all the step by step details

  $19.95 + $5 S/H   Video, Patterns and eBook shipped to you  


What our customers say about 'You Can Do It' 

Hi Jim
I downloaded "filzip" to un zip the file, then I was able to open the book.
 Congratulations - it is absolutly fabulous, lots of pictures and really easy to follow instruction.
I cant wait to get started.
Thank you,
God bless you and the work you do
Linda F. 


Hi Jim,
thank you very much for sending us the e-books and videos so quickly. They are very interesting and  very good.
Thank you very much for your help.
Best regards,
Orvis 012(2).jpg (23515 bytes)

click picture for larger view

Hello Jim,

I received your video and pattern and my wife and I managed to get through our first puppet on new years day. I don't think it's that bad and hope it will get easier (and better) with each one.  I have enclosed a picture of Orvis, our first puppet. :)       I also hope that you and your family has a wonderful and blessed new year.

Keith (New York)
{way to go guys - Orvis has definite character! Have fun!  Jim R}


JoW.ppts.JPG (194350 bytes)

JoWhlrStg.JPG (449585 bytes)

  J.W. from Nevada sent me more pictures Great Job folks!! (ordered all three - You Can Do It,  Puppets Teach Puppetry and Complete Stage Plans on 6-10-02)     Click pics for larger view  

  Their newest puppets.   Scroll down to see their first puppet 'Stanley' below

 Here is the stage they made from the plans.   


Crop Stanley (2).jpg (53268 bytes) click on Stanley for a real good close-up.
       (ordered all three - You Can Do It,  Puppets Teach Puppetry and Complete Stage Plans )

Dear Jim, 

After purchasing your video and stage plans, we are implementing these in our children's church. 

The instructions were very explicit and detailed, and very simple.!!!  We have made one puppet so far and are working on the stage plans.

Thank you for making this valuable resource available,!!! it opens up a new world of imagination and ministry. I'm very excited about making more puppets, this is a great tool, for anyone to get started, since it takes you from beginning to end.  Keep up the great work... Here's a picture of Stanley...

 Thank you so very much...
J.W. Nevada
cid_X.jpg (26550 bytes)
We got your puppet pattern and video in the mail on Wednesday
and started cutting out the pattern on Thursday and finished
Uncle Matty today. We found the video easy to understand and
follow. It was a project our whole family was involved in. We
can't say that he is perfect...but who is? We think he has a
good bit of character. Here's a picture...
click picture for larger image
What do you think? Not bad for our first, huh? Uncle Matty
will be used as part of our Church's puppet ministry. We have
already started on our second puppet. Feel free to use this as a testimony.
Thank You!
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Click on the pic. 

"Hi!   I received my puppet video today.   It is wonderful!!   I can't wait to start building my first puppet.   I really liked the tip about the electric knife.  I would have never thought of it.   Thanks!   I will let you know how it turns out." (Missouri)

    "Hi!    Hey, I got my puppet done this weekend.   It turned out great.   I keep looking at it and can't hardly believe I made  it - and it really wasn't that hard.   Thanks so much for the video!"  (Missouri)  


We're having a gas making puppets here...your video made it a snap. I'll forward a photo of (our puppets)  as soon as their clothes are completely done.......Thanks alot,   




I received the package Thursday. Thanks. We watched it
as soon as I got home and then I stayed up writing a review.
You can see from the reviews that I really enjoyed them. You
have a great product. Sincerely, Bob - Puppets Teach Puppetry - You Can Do It

I got the puppet videos this weekend, thanks.  I have to say that it was very much worth the cost......  I'd like to let you know that the pattern you included with your video is way, way,  far superior to the design/ pattern I purchased from ..........  I got great instructions as well as a far superior body pattern for my puppets. (Ohio)
Dear Jim,
My whole family enjoyed the YOU CAN DO IT video! My
third-grader was thoroughly encouraged by the end of the video
where the pink puppet takes shape in the hands of another
(gasp!) 8-year old! He was dually impressed by her sewing
skill. He's not a proficient sewer but he has been helping me
sew (loves to press the pedal to make the machine go) since he was about 2.

Thank you for your willingness to share your terrific ideas and
helpful suggestions with blossoming puppet artists!

 :) Melissa (Pennsylvania)












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