Welcome to our 2018 Northern Grown Perennials (NGP) website!  For long standing customers, we are glad you have returned to check on available Hostas, Daylilies and Hostas for the season.  If this is your first time visiting our NGP site, we are glad you have dropped by for a look around!

          2017 proved to be a great plant growing season here in southwest Wisconsin.  Rainfall was more than ample and the plants responded accordingly with growth and increase, providing us with top quality stock to ship in the 2018 season.

          WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT WHEN YOU ORDER FROM NGP?  It is our desire that you can feel confident when investing in NGP plants. To validate this desire, please feel free to check out our unsolicited customer reviews at Dave’s Garden Watchdog.   Contrary to what the popular plant sales trend seems to be, we do not sell or ship the so called “junior” or “starter” size hosta tissue cultures.  All our stock is grown in-ground on our farm and we go out of our way to sell large size plant stock which has a minimum of three season’s growth.  And when it comes to the DAYLILIES we ship, our listed price means that you will receive at minimum a husky 2-3 fan plant.  All our PEONIES are crown divisions with at least 3-5 eyes.  Our nursery stock is absolutely guaranteed. 

          We offer for your consideration two new hosta introductions from our hybridizing.  Both have been evaluated for over 8 years to be certain that they will perform well in your garden.

           In regard to our new Frostline Daylily introductions, we have 5 to offer.  All have been tested on our Wisconsin farm for several seasons to evaluate their worth and hardiness for northern gardens.  Please take at look at them on this site.

           When it comes to the matter of introducing plants from our own hybridizing, we are very careful to be very selective as we want you to feel confident in their worth and adaptability to your garden setting.  Whether a hosta or a daylily, each introduction must have a positive garden presence and grow readily with no fussing.

          Please take a few minutes to peruse our “Frequently Asked Questions” file and our “Plant Characteristics” file.  Both of  these contain a wealth of information based on our observations.  We will add to them as we hear from you in regard to suggestions.  Ordering information is to be found in our “General Information” file. 

          If you have questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at our stable email address:  ngp@mwt.net  .  If you prefer to call, we suggest late evening, well after dark when we will be near the phone, or early morning calls around 6:00 a.m.  Calls during daylight hours will generally be non-productive as we will be outside.  We are always glad to visit via phone: 608-734-3178.   Our shipping season begins in late April or early May and continues through early October.


          For the first time we plan to have a Facebook presence for Northern Grown Perennials.  As time allows we will present photos and information on particular plants.  We welcome your Facebook visit as this unfolds.


          Best wishes for a good gardening season in 2018.  If we may help in that regard, we would be honored.

          Thank you.

                                                          Rod Lysne

                                                          Northern Grown Perennials

                                                         Ferryville, WI  54628





GUARANTEE:  We guarantee our stock to be true to name and in good condition upon arrival.  If you are dissatisfied with any plants you receive, simply return them within 7 days with their labels and we will refund their cost plus shipping expenses.

Furthermore, on any NGP introductions (hostas or daylilies) priced at $25 or more, we guarantee you will be pleased with their performance.  Grow them on for two full seasons; then, if they have not met your expectations, simply return the undivided clump.  We will refund you the original cost plus your shipping expense.


COMMUNICATIONS:  Emails are the best source of contacting us.  We do our very best to answer emails on the same day you send them.  Our stable email address is  ngp@mwt.net .  If you wish to contact us via phone, our number is 608 734 3178 .  The best time to reach us is at 6:00 a.m. CST or well after dark in the evening.  Late evening calls are fine.  Midday calls will usually be unfruitful as we are outdoors when the sun is shining.  We are glad to return voice mails.


ORDERING/PAYMENT:  Feel free to use the printable order page to submit an order with a personal check or money order.

While we are not able to accept credit cards, many of our customers prefer the ease of using .  When using Paypal, just check with us on the plants you desire.  We will get right back to you on availability and cost.  You can then make payment to our email address.  We will make a copy of your email, using it as your order form.


To pay with PayPal, use the following few steps:

1.     Browse to www.paypal.com

2.     Login to your PayPal account with your email address and password.

3.     Click the send Icon at the top of the page as shown below.

4.     Enter ngp@mwt.net for the email to send to along with the appropriate dollar amount. 




Otherwise, checks and money orders are the standard form of payment.


MAILING ADDRESS:  Northern Grown Perennials

                                        54779 Helland Rd

                                           Ferryville, WI  54628




SHIPPING MODE & COSTS:  We ship USPS Priority Mail. 

Shipping costs:  (Priority Mail)

~For WI, MN, IA, IL, MI, ND, SD, NE:  $8.00 plus $1.00 per plant

~For New England states: $20.00 plus $1.00 per plant

  (Shipping to N.E. States is very high; we will send an extra gift plant to

   ameliorate the higher rates.)

~For all other states: $14.00 plus $1.00 per plant


BONUS PLANTS:  We are happy to send along bonus/gift plants on hosta and daylily orders.  To avoid sending you duplicates of what you may already grow, please do send along a long list of possibilities.  We are not able to send bonus plants with peony orders.


DISCOUNTS:  On orders of $100 or more you may deduct 10% of plant price.  On orders of $300 or more you may deduct 15% of plant price.  On orders of $500 or more you may deduct 20% of plant cost.  Plants marked “Net”(newer NGP hosta and daylily introductions) do not qualify for discount.


SHIPPING TIME:  Generally, we begin shipping in late April to early May, depending on the weather.  Straight hosta orders and shipments to more southerly states are shipped first.  Daylilies take a bit longer to reach shipping stage before we can dig.  While we are not able to always give exact shipping dates as all our stock is field grown and we must work within weather conditions, we do our best to work around your desired shipping time.  Please be aware that we are located in a zone 4 area, so we are not able to ship plants in very early spring.  Your patience in regard to the spring rush is appreciated, and will be rewarded with top quality plants.


FARM VISITS:  We enjoy the company of “plant people” and farm visits are welcome by prior arrangement.  The best times are usually Friday and Saturday, but late afternoons of other days often work as well.  Unannounced drop-in situations are difficult as we do not have anything akin to “regular” hours and do not have potted plants for instant pick-up.


INFORMATION & SUGGESTIONS:  We are always more than happy to offer suggestions on particular plant cultivars.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch.



          Just email us:  ngp@mwt.net



Northern Grown Perennials

54779 Helland Rd.

Ferryville, WI 54628

Email us at: ngp@mwt.net