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Balooga Whale Productions
Balooga Whale Productions deals mainly in Home Video Duplication and Special Event Slide Show Design. 
 Many of us still have our most prized memories preserved on VHS tapes that have become     obsolete. What’s even worse is that every time you watch the VHS tape it looses a quality, not to mention the possibility of your VCR “eating the tape.” It is B.W. Productions great pleasure to convert these Analog Video Tapes to DVD’s. One DVD can hold, roughly, two hours of your video footage or about one VHS tape. DVD’s will never loose their quality and they take up much less space.
 Slide shows are one of the best ways to show a loved one that you care about them. From Weddings to Birthdays, Anniversaries to Graduations. B.W. Productions is ready to create long lasting picture DVD memories to share with family and friends. Your photographs can be sent as digital media (aka - CDs, DVDs, Memory Cards, ...ect.) or as prints.                           
 For Live Videography (a.k.a filming weddings, anniversaries, and such) please visit Monkey Eye Productions website at www.monkeyeyeproductions.comhttp://www.monkeyeyeproductions.comshapeimage_3_link_0
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