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Our society desperately needs an infusion of a renewed interest in its Christian moral heritage. Exodus XX Stuff, which is dedicated to the Ten Commandments, has many different means of accomplishing that objective with a variety of "stuff" to use to recreate a testimony of our Christian-Judeo heritage. There is strength in numbers if we all do our part wherever we are located in this great nation of ours. Please join this effort by searching this website for ways that you can help get this message out. All 10 Commandment-related info you have that you think should be added to this site is welcome for consideration. Bookmark, link to, or have others visit this site. Tell others to tell others if you like the purpose of this website.

God Bless America!!!

Christians!!?! Get Active or Else...!!!!

The Ten Commandments are in danger and now are being declared illegal for public display!!!

It becomes apparent and more obvious all the time that in America we are rapidly losing our freedom of religious expression. The idea of a Republican form of government is almost, if not already, dead. It used to be where the majority decision would be what we would consent to follow. It was an absolute standard of civil responsibility, which included the 10 Commandments where everyone willingly submitted themselves to the standard.
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