Internet Filtering

Where else can you gaze at the Sistine Chapel ceiling, take in a concert at the London Philharmonic, and exchange messages with people on other continents - all in a single hour of a normal day? The Internet is, without a doubt, one of our most wondrous communication tools.

Unfortunately, exploring the Internet has its pitfalls. Objectionable material is not just accessible on the Internet, it's difficult to avoid. When pornography replaces classical works of art, or hate-oriented chat rooms replace innocent conversations, the joy of using the Internet is diverted and the exploration stops.

Internet users deserve a safe environment to work. They deserve the best the Internet has to offer without distractions that undermine their goals. Midwest Telnet purchased a filtering system called Bess so that users have an Internet environment where they are free to explore safely.

Bess, in the form of a friendly canine retriever, tells users when they have ventured upon a site that is unavailable. Bess' developer's staff examines thousands of Internet sites daily. They then add objectionable sites to the Bess list of blocked Web pages, currently totaling in the hundreds of thousands, the largest filtered database available today. They can even block selected portions of sites that are otherwise acceptable.

For more information on this filtering service, call your local MWT owner/member service provider for details and pricing.