Mitosis vs Meiosis



Produces body cells(Somatic cells)

Produces sex cells(Gametes)

Daughter cells diploid(2N)

Daughter cells haploid(N)

Two daughter cells produced

Four daughter cells produced

In metaphase chromosomes line up singley

In metaphase I chromosomes line up as homologous pairs(synapsis)
The two double chromosomes are called a tetrad when they are lined up side-by-side.
Crossing over occurs during the formation of the tetrad

One nuclear division

Two nuclear divisions

Produces cells for growth and repair

Produces cells for sexual reproduction

Daughter cells have two sets of chromosomes(pairs)

Daughter cells have only one member of each pair of chromosomes

Daughter cells are genetically identical to the parent cell

Daughter cells have one-half of the genes from the parent cell

Insures that all daughter cells are genetically identical

Generates genetic diversity through crossing over and ramdom seperation of homologous pairs of chromosomes

Key terms that you should know are in italics.

Prepared by P. Vanderschaegen

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