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African American Mutual Assistance Network AAMAN's Mission is to aid in securing the financial growth and security of its members and the African-American community. Contact aaman@aaman.zzn.com for more information.
Amnesty International, UW-L Part of Amnesty International's campus network the group works to build an action program through which students, faculty, and staff express their concern for individuals imprisoned for the peaceful expression of their beliefs, focusing attention on a certain country where human rights violations are flagrant and widespread, or on a particular pattern of abuse. For more info, please email the faculty advisor.
Block Out Wisconsin "We are on the cusp of a historic and seismic civil rights change in this country. But time, in and of itself, will not bring about change. Time requires action - on the part of gays and lesbians and especially on the part of their family, friends, and other supporters - for us to attain victory and claim full equality. Help turn the tide and defeat the proposed Wisconsin constitutional amendment that would ban marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships for same-sex couples in Wisconsin and help equality progress forward! Learn more and adopt a block.
Coulee Region Sierra Club An environmental organization that represents Southwestern Wisconsin, including La Crosse that educates and works to protect our clean water and clean air through local conservation, education and activism.
Critical Mass La Crosse Today Critical Mass occurs in over 100 cities around the world. In the real world, you need only ride a bicycle and you have reduced: air pollution, noise pollution, overconsumptive land usage, marine oilslicks, millions of animal deaths, the incidence of heart disease, the road toll, your monthly transport budget. Your personal gain is nothing compared to the benefits you offer to the greater community. -- The Man Who Loved Only Bicycles, Damon Rao, Melbourne, Australia
Driftless Community Radio From the ridges and hollows of rural southwestern Wisconsin, a vibrant new voice for volunteer operated, listener sponsored, non-commercial, free-speech internet radio webcasting. Organic radio. Free from corporate control.
Environmental Council The Environmental Council is open to and made up of UWL students, staff and the public. This group has concerns about the world we live in and they are dedicated to doing their part to make it a better place.
FREECYCLE La Crosse Subscribe to this group and help out your neighbors. A great way to reduce, reuse and recycle.
La Crosse-Afghanistan Mine Removal Project (LAMP) LAMP is a local, growing group dedicated to raising funds for demining teams and programs in Afghanistan. Through fundraising activities and sales and an annual "Night of 1,000 Dinners" the group has raised over $20,000 in the past three years. The group is affiliated with the UN's Adopt-a-Minefield. For more information, visit the LAMP website or Ray Starrett, the founder of LAMP.
La Crosse Area Greens The Greens are a from the ground up organization. Check out the 10 Key Values of the Green Party of the United States.
La Crosse Coalition for Peace and Justice Contact Guy Wolf.
La Crosse Area Hmong Mutual Assistance Association Support, information, cultural exchange information for the Hmong population and all others in La Crosse.
LGBT Resource Center, Seven Rivers Region, Inc. The LGBT Resource Center for the Seven Rivers Region is a volunteer service organization reaching out to the gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual community, their families, friends and allies. LGBT Resource Center for the Seven Rivers Region provides education on issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity to the larger community; it seeks to improve connections among existing community resources and to foster a climate of understanding. Services include:
  • Lists and contacts of area interest groups, events and activities
  • A directory of area resources
  • A website at which information can be accessed
  • A physical location that is alcohol- and smoke-free where interest groups can meet and community members can drop-in and socialize
  • A library of books and videos

The LGBT Resource Center for the Seven Rivers Region fosters a climate of understanding by providing current and accurate information to the larger community by providing presentations and workshops, a speaker's bureau, a library of books and videos and a list of area resources and drop-in hours for those seeking information.

For more information contact info@7riverslgbt.org

Livable Neighborhoods Working to improve and promote the livability of all the neighborhoods in the La Crosse area.
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) In 1909, a multiracial group of activists including Ida Wells-Barnett, W.E.B. DuBois, Henry Moscowitz, Mary White Ovington, Oswald Garrison Villiard and William English Walling led the "Call" to renew the struggle for civil and political liberty. Since that time the NAACP has been in the forefront of the fight for equality and against racism, segregation, unequal treatment, lynching, unequal education access, and more. The La Crosse chapter of the NAACP is new and doesn't yet have a web site. For more information, please contact Thomas Harris or email Maureen Freedland.
National Organization for Women - La Crosse chapter Founded in 1966, NOW's mandate is improving the lives of and working for equal rights for women. Men are also welcome to join. For more information, please email Deb.
PURPLEARTH Purplearth hosts a blog, A Different Reality and includes many links to local, state and national indie media, music, discussion and more.
Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Home of the People's Legislature, the WDA is "a nonpartisan political watchdog group working for clean government and real democracy. To carry out this mission, WDC tracks the money in Wisconsin politics and works for campaign finance reform, media reform and other pro-democracy reforms." Join them.
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