Home and Family

My wife, Rebecca, and I have a somewhat quiet life in the country. We have lots of family close by, so things aren't too quiet, but they're quiet enough. Our two cats, Chester and Bubba, keep us company as well. Sometimes the best cat is one that's sleeping, especially when you're working on a deadline and they think they need to be fed every five minutes.

Our home is cozy, but not overwhelming. You can see my office window in this picture; it's the one on the right upstairs. Rebecca has the corner office with one window showing to the left upstairs. We just love living here. It's one of the most beautiful places around.

Of course, the Midwest doesn't come without a few thorns. Winter is a nuisance for some people, but we've always liked it. There are so many ways that nature paints the landscape here. Even so, I think I'd probably like winter just a bit less if I had to get out in it every day, rather than watch it pass by from my window.

Now that you know a little more about me, let me know more about you. Feel free to contact me at mailto:JMueller@mwt.net.