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Woody Reflected Tony Glover, by Daniel Corrigan

KR&G with Big Joe, 1963

Left: Woody Reflected. Center: Tony Glover. Top Right: V3: Galen Michaelson, Jon Rodine, Tony Glover. Bottom Right: KR&G with Big Joe Williams.


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The Koerner, Ray, & Glover Story
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Release Date August 7, 2007

Tony Glover has been a performing musician and writer since 1962. In the mid-sixties he recorded and toured as part of the seminal folk-blues trio Koerner, Ray & Glover. He authored three books of harmonica instruction, album liner notes, as well as countless feature articles, book and record reviews for publications as diverse as Junior Scholastic, Music Journal, CREEM and Rolling Stone.

In the late sixties, he spent a year as an all-night "underground" disc-jockey on KDWB-AM in Mpls, introducing midwestern listeners to an eclectic menu of music ranging from rock to jazz and blues to country. In the seventies, he played with Nine Below Zero, an electric band doing blues, country and rock classic tunes. In the late eighties he and Dave Ray began regular duo gigs, appearing with artists like John Lee Hooker, J J Cale and B B King. The nineties saw "reunion" KR&G appearances at Winnipeg, Vancouver and Philadelphia folk festivals, as well as release of a live 1996 album by the trio. Glover also produced a two hour documentary video on the life and times of the group. He has continued writing as well. In 2000, his booklet notes for the CD release BOB DYLAN LIVE 1966 won the ASCAP-Deems Taylor award. He researched and co-wrote a biography of the harmonica great, Little Walter. BLUES WITH A FEELING was published in Fall 2002 by Routledge Press.

He also continues performing and recording. With his partner Dave Ray he released four albums since 1987, and the two performed often in the Twin Cities and surrounding midwest area before Ray's death on Thanksgiving day 2002. Glover no longer plays with his acoustic trio V3, but still does occasional gigs with Spider John Koerner.

For the last several years Glover has teamed up with Pop Wagner and Charlie Maguire to do memorial shows on July 14th, Woody Guthrie's birthday. The idea was to echo the sound/feel of the historic 40's recordings done by Woody, Cisco Houston and Sonny Terry. Since 2012 is Guthrie's centennial year, the combo is playing a number of shows and there is also an album available.

This combo was years in the making on the Minnesota music scene, even though its members weren't all newcomers. The mostly acoustic trio came together in summer 2002 to play a roots-oriented blend of blues, folk, country, gospel and rock'n'roll, with a little r&b on the side. "It's American music," Glover says, "and a piano-guitar-harp unit is the quintessential band combination."

Tony Glover (vocals, harp or rhythm guitar) has been familiar to music fans for four decades, playing with his partners Spider John Koerner and the late great Dave Ray, as well as writing extensively on rock, folk and blues. He's also had a long relationship (both personal and professional) with Galen Michaelson, (lead guitar, vocals), the second member of the group. Their friendship goes back to the coffeehouse days in Dinkytown, near the U of M, when Galen was giving Bob Dylan rides on his motor-scooter, and making some of the earliest live recordings of Ray & Glover on a home machine he'd dragged in. They also played together in their 70's electric band Nine Below Zero, and Galen occasionally joined the duo on bass for their residency gigs at the 400 and Times Bar. Galen also was regular drummer in Dave Ray's Volunteers of the Blue Knight for some 6 years in the 80's, while Glover played rhythm guitar. Jon Rodine, (lead vocals, rhythm pianist), the junior member of the trio, has only recently begun playing music in public, but has performed and recorded with Glover, the Front Porch Swinging Liquor Pigs, the House of Mercy band in St. Paul, and others. His album is a popular local release. He was named as acoustic performer of the year by City Pages.

V3, in the words of Glover, are about songs, not technical virtuosity. After Michaelson and Glover discussed the idea of playing together again on a regular basis, Glover called Rodine, whom he'd first played with when Rodine opened for Ralph Stanley in 2001. The three had similar tastes in songs, and one thing led to another. The tunes grow organically, vocal chores and harmonies are traded off, and Galen would like to be singing more, but for now the docs won't let him. "We share responsibility pretty equally," says Rodine, "not just in playing and singing, but also in the tunes we bring to the project. It really is a group effort, and, like Tony said, it's not about being flashy. It's from the heart, and a little bit raw." In 2008 Jon Rodine decided he had other fish that needed to be fried, and so dropped out. The group continued with fill-in keyboardists Tommy Ray and Bill Gamble, until their final gig in June 2008, the end of a six year run.

In 2004 the trio recorded a self-titled CD. As a point of honor, it's NOT available in stores, or on the net (unless bootlegged). The only way it's sold is at their gigs.



  • Blues Rags & Hollers (1963, reissued 1995)
  • The Blues Project (1964)
  • Lots More Blues Rags & Hollers (1964, reissued 1999)
  • Live Newport Folk Festival (1964)
  • Snakers Here (1965)
  • Spider Blues (1965)
  • Return Of KR&G (1965, reissued 1999)
  • One Foot In The Groove (Live) (1996)

  • Legends In Their Spare Time (1987)
  • Ashes In My Whiskey (1990)
  • Picture Has Faded (1993)
  • By The Water (1999)

  • Newport Folk Festival 1964 & 65
  • Philadelphia Folk Festival 1964, 1965 & 1996
  • Winnipeg Folk Festival 1982, 1995
  • Vancouver Folk Festival 1982
  • Bumbershoot Festival (1996)
  • Kansas City Blues Fest (R&G) 1999



  • Blues Harp (1965)
  • Festival Songbook (contributor) 1973
  • Blues Harp Songbook (1975)
  • Rock Harp (1981)
  • Blues With A Feeling-The Little Walter Story (with Scott Dirks & Ward Gaines 2002)

  • PERIODICALS (features/reviews)
  • Little Sandy Review (1962-63)
  • Sing Out! (1964-65)
  • Hullabaloo/Circus (1968-71)
  • Hit Parader (1968)
  • Crawdaddy (1968)
  • Rolling Stone (1968-73)
  • Junior Scholastic (1970)
  • CREEM (1974-76)
  • Request (1990-99)
  • MNBLUES.COM (1999-present)
  • The Reader and City Pages (frequent contributor)

  • John Hammond (Vanguard)
  • Sonny Terry (Verve-Folkways)
  • John Lee Hooker (Fantasy)
  • Michael Lessac (Columbia)
  • Sonny & Brownie (Fantasy)
  • Willie & The Bees (Sweet Jane Ltd)
  • Lazy Bill Lucas (Cold Wind)
  • Jayhawks (American Recordings)
  • Bob Dylan Live - 1966 (Sony)

  • KR&G--Best Folk Group, Minnesota Music Academy 1983
  • KR&G--Hall Of Fame MMA 1985
  • TG Best Electric Harp MMA 1987
  • R&G Blues Album Of Year ("Legends") MMA 1987
  • R&G Best Independent Record ("Picture") MMA 1984
  • ASCAP/Deems Taylor Award (Dylan Live 1966) 2000
  • Blues Literature Hall Of Fame Award for BLUES HARP from MN Blues Hall Of Fame 2007


  • Little Walter

  • Spider John Koerner

  • Tony "Little Sun" Glover 2014 CALENDAR
    Nov 9
    Red House Records presents
    3M Auditorium
    Minnesota History Museum

    345 W. Kellogg Blvd
    St. Paul, MN
    Spider John Koerner, Tony Glover
    Charlie Parr, Bingham & Thorne + more tba...
    6-9 p.m.

    Rest In Peace, Dave Ray.

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