St. Charles Parish - Genoa, WI
Property Use Policy      

General Guidelines
1. Individuals or organizations may schedule the use of property by contacting the principal or secretary during office hours at 608-689-2642.
2. Users are responsible for repairs and damages.
3. Fees are to be paid in advance.  Please make checks payable to "St. Charles Church."
4. Users are required to observe the no smoking rules inside all buildings.
5. Children must be supervised at all times.
6. No rice or birdseed is to be thrown at weddings.
7. Food is only allowed in the gymnasium.
8. Only excess tables and chairs stored in the garage are available for rental.


1. Users must show proof of a liability rider on their insurance policy.
2. Users must obtain a permit from the village to sell alcohol.  Two names are required.
3. Areas used (including restrooms) must be cleaned within 24 hours; lights must be turned off, heat turned down, and doors locked following the event.
4. Fees:
    Individual parishioners, parish groups, and benefactors are requested to give a donation. 

           Parish groups:


     Non-parishioner or non-benefactor activities per day rental:

Gymnasium                               $50
Kitchen                                     $25
Marquette Activity Room             $25

5. A $50 security deposit will be collected which is refundable within 10 days.

The rental fee to use equipment off church grounds is as follows:

Table        $  5.00
Chair        $    .50
Roaster     $10.00

Approved by St. Charles Pastoral Council
August 2004