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Standard Size Stage                        Dual Purpose 

The Interactive Traveler Puppet Stage is amazing.  

You can see and interact with your audience (click here)- they don't see you!

- kids are perplexed and amazed when the puppet appears to see everything they're doing, makes puppets very believable!  Also useful for crowd control using the puppet.

StgOnStg2.jpg (24936 bytes)   NavyPenne.JPG (68332 bytes)   FullStgJimInPppt.jpg (21501 bytes)  

click photos for larger views of stage size and fabric texture      

- Very portable,  sturdy and durable, (22lbs), easy care, sets up in less than five minutes!

-Professionally sewn to look sharp for many years.

-Curtains usually in stock, we try our best to ship within 72 to 96 hours after payment arrangements are secure but we do not guarantee it.  We ship via UPS ground.  Overnight, 2nd day and third day shipping can be arranged.  Those fees then, are added to your purchase instead of the standard rates. 

-Read what our customers say about their stages

Stage price is $324.00  Includes carrying case. $25.00 shipping (U.S.A.)

Side Curtain extensions are $178.00 includes carrying case.  $10.00 additional shipping

click here for all accessories and options 

New Two In One Stage - this deeper stage adapts from standard size to doublewide click here for more details

Order the Stage by E-mail  or  PayPal  or call 608-647-6000 (answered as Countryside)


- Dimensions:   Front of stage is 50 inches high,  Back  of stage is 74" feet high by 5 feet wide  Depth of stage is 24 inches.     

- Optional side curtains add  33" to both sides giving 11 feet 2 inches total. The side curtains can be rotated to any angle desired for excellent back stage privacy. 

- Weight of stage in carrying case is ~ 22 pounds.  Sides curtains come in their own carrying case, wt is ~12 lbs.

- Fabric is crushed velvet stretch polyester which keeps it's sharp appearance after storage. 

 For custom colors add $45.00 More Examples


 How many Puppets and Puppeteers??

The Traveler can accompany three adult puppeteers,  two is comfortable three is a little crowded but not bad.  3 to 4 children puppeteers - three is comfortable 4 is crowded.


So, you could have up to 4 or 6  (18' puppets)  across the front and 4-6 across the back.
Adding side curtains would increase the number across the back significantly.

What our customers say about our stages:

Date of feedback 4-12-04
Hi Jim,
        We set up the stage this weekend, we simply love it!  Our kids can't stay away from it - every spare minute it's "Mom, can we put on a little play for you?"  It was Jeff's first time to be behind a stage with a puppet, his giftedness has been revealed!  Needless to say, we can hardly wait to share all of this fun with the kids at our ministry event next weekend!  Thanks so much for such a wonderful product!  In Him, J and D App.
Date of Feedback 7-20-03

Dear Jim

We wanted to thank you for your stage. We are a family of two generations of puppeteers, over the years we have tried just about every stage available to the profession. Yours is BY FAR THE BEST! Exceptional in quality, lightweight and fast set up make it perfect for our line of work. I would highly recommend it to any traveling troupe. In addition, your company is a pleasure to deal with.

Thank you again.
The Cast of Small World Puppets


Date of Feedback 4-29-03
Re:New Puppet Stage

Again many thanks,

I performed my first show with the stage on saturday for the national day of puppetry. Performances went great and everyone loved the stage and it was so portable. They loved my shows and loved the stage.
Phil (Texas)

Date of feedback 4-14-03  (purchased stage and side curtains)

Our office conducts puppet show presentations in area schools to teach children about recycling and litter prevention.  For the longest time, we attempted to use our own makeshift puppet stages, but transporting them each time was very cumbersome, and they quickly showed signs of wear. 
We are so pleased with the puppet stage we purchased from the VIP Puppet Company.  Transporting the stage is now so simple because all of the pieces come in sturdy carrying cases, and for all of the pieces that need to be put together, it is surprisingly simple to assemble.  We were also very impressed with the rich quality of the beautiful fabrics.  Our presentations are now drastically more professional in appearance. Another great thing is that for small classroom presentations, we can easily use only the middle section of the puppet stage and still remain enclosed, while for larger presentations on stage, we can use both side panels for a bigger visual impact.
Thank you, VIP Puppet Company, for making us look so good!
Jill Meyers
Administrative Assistant
Tuscarawas County Office of Recycling & Litter Prevention


Date of Feedback: 4-01-03
 Hi. I just put the stage together. It is absolutely beautiful!
I can't wait for the puppet committee to see it at tomorrow's meeting. They are going to love it.
Thank you.

Kootenai County Fire and Rescue in North Idaho

Date of feedback 3-28-03  (ordered stage and prop shelf on 3-13,  recieved his stage on 3-26) 

I have to tell the stage is absolutely.... beautiful. I
love every aspect of it from the big bag to the see
through curtain and it is truly wonderful.


Phil  (Texas)


The stage is awesome! Thank you for your hard work!! Busy as a bee!!
Shay   (Canada - bought a stage and a set of side curtains)


4-15-02  Jim: (purchased this stage and side curtains 
We received the puppet stage and set it up for Children's Church, to be used yesterday.  Everyone liked the stage very much -- even the puppets.  :)
I think it is going to work out great.
Thank you for everything.
R.R.  (Bloomington, IN)



Dear Jim,  
       This is the best "live" puppet stage I have yet to see.  It is light
weight and easily adaptable to many different situations.  I am a former Muppet Performer having worked with Henson Assoc. and I have see some really clunky stages ...and worked a few of 'em as well.  One of the worst was built by Nickelodeon (very recently) and was to travel the country ... it was made by a TV crew of very heavy metal and wood.  They were used to TV sets which are very secure ... but DO NOT TRAVEL WELL!!  Assembling and breaking
down that stage was a nightmare, not to mention expensive to fly all over the country.

My best to you,

P. L.- New Jersey  

1--14-02   Hi Jim!
The puppet stage is great! We used it today doing improvisation. It is so easy to assemble and displays very nicely. You get an A+   Please feel free to use me as a reference.
Mike D'Aloia
SBS Library
192 Southern Blvd.
Chatham, NJ 07928


Hi Jim,

This is Laura from the Las Vegas Library District. We bought a puppet
stage from you in August/September and I just wanted to tell you how
much we are loving it. It is extremely easy to set-up and take down; we
can do it in 5 minutes flat. Despite the many times we have used it to
date, it is still looking good and holding up well. We are also loving
the fact that it is so easy to carry around because we visit 5-10
elementary schools per week! Everything about it is efficient and
effective and the kids love the way it looks. Thank you for your
well-thought-out design.


Laura Beals D'Elia    

   *This customer called this week (12-01) to order a second stage and side curtains set. I asked her to make a comment  for this page about her experience with the the stage/side curtains we shipped to them in September.  Thank you for the feedback Laura! 





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