St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church
Genoa, Wisconsin


1854    Joseph Monti plats village of Bad Axe City at Hasting's Landing 
             Renamed Genoa in 1868.

1862    September 1- First Mass by Rev. Marco

1864    First stone church built

1872    Rev. Pius Schmid attends Genoa as a mission.
             May 1- First Baptism:  Margaret Morelli
             July 1- First Marriage:  Anthony Levi & Angela Zabolio

1875    First Funeral:  Sylvester Pedretti
             First Resident pastor:  Rev. Gabriel Momo

1884    Rev. H. E. DeiPerella, pastor

1885    Rev. Henry Wirtz, pastor

1887    Angeline Zabolio becomes first nun

1886    First church tower bell (second in 1906)

1891     Sacred Heart Church opened in DeSoto as a mission to Genoa

1897     Rev. Constantine von Droste Huelshoff

1899     Catholic Knights of Wisconsin organized

1901     Rev. A. Ph. Kremer - pastor to 1934
              Present church opened on Christmas Day

1902     First rectory built

1907     April 2:  parish school opened

1909     First electricity - delco plant

1921     Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration come to teach - to 1971

1934     Rev. La Verne Timmerman - pastor

1936     Rev. Francis Brady builds present rectory

1940     Rev.  Seeman and Ausman - pastors

1941     Rev. Joseph Kundinger - pastor

1942     Our students bussed to Aquinas High School, La Crosse

1943     Rev. Bernard Duffy - pastor

1951     Present school built

1952     Rev. Nicholas Kreibich - pastor

1956     Rev. Edward Penchi, first priest of parish ordained
            Rev. Ray Pedretti ordained

1961     Rev. Dominic Eichman - pastor
            Parking lot black-topped
            Rev. Bob Monti ordained

1962     Vatican Council II ends

1964     Rev. Robert Pedretti ordained

1966     Rev. William Rorke - pastor
            Church remodelled

1968    Rev. Thomas Dempsey - pastor

1970     Rev. O. W. Schulte - pastor
            English liturgy and Saturday Masses

1971     Janice Jambois - first lay school principal

1973     St. George H.S. in Lansing closes

1974     Anabel Zabolio - president of DCCW

1977     School roof redone

1980     Dedication of Loefflad pipe organ
            School windows replaced for energy
            Loud speakers installed
            Rev. Pat Umberger ordained

1981     Church roof replaced

1982     CYO started by Nancy Jambois and Ruth Curti
            Celebrated school's diamond jubilee

1983     Our choir presents diocesan TV Mass

1984     Ramp constructed to church for handicap access

1985     Berra Memorial ceiling fans installed in church
              Zabolio's third generation store closes
              Cemetery road black-topped
              Section VI opened in cemetery
              Lena Malin memorial sanctuary furniture added
              Parish Councils revived

1986     Lectors and Ministers of Eucharist

1987     New rectory roof
              Fluorescent lights installed in classrooms
              Dedication of Harry R. Lello Room
              Parish Mission - Rev. Ambrose DeGroot

1996   Rev. Larry Dunklee - pastor

2000    Renovation of church interior included patching and painting, carpeting, kneelers, ceiling, and central air

2001    Church stained glass windows restored

2002    Fr. Charles Nabwana - pastor

2003    Pre-K and Kindergarten program added to school.
           Fr. Roger Scheckel

2006   Holy Family Grotto set in new part of cemetery

2007   Father Roy Witucki – parish administrator
          We Belong to Christ campaign a success $220,000.00 pledged
          100 year School celebration  
          School kitchen remolded cost $34,000
          New furnace for the church
          1st Steak Fry and Fellowship
          New oak doors on school rooms donated

2008   Father O.W. Schulte Cemetery Memorial Dedication
          St. Charles Quilters replace shingles on rectory roof cost $2470
          The Blood Of Christ offered every weekend Mass
          Duane Jambois family donates to improve lighting in church 

2009   Retaining wall construction in the old cemetery
          Sidewalks, ramp, railings and front church steps renovated
          Snow and ice bar installed on church roof
          Church roof repainted

2010   Father Robert Weighner – parish administrator
          Round Marian stained glass window lighted and moved to the middle of the sanctuary
          New Crucifix suspended over altar
          Landscaping completed in front of church
          St. Charles Borromeo Statue erected in front of church
          Veterans Memorial Bench donated by Peter Clark dedicated in the cemetery
          Vernon County Historical Society hosts a “Walk Among Our Ancestors” at St. Charles Cemetery
                     featuring early Italian settlers: Curti, Ghelfi, Jambois, Malin, Pedretti, Venner, Zabolio, Rev. A. Ph. Kremer
          Deacon Richard Sage / Father Robert Cook administrators

2011   Father Luigi Guanella canonized (relative of many of the original Italian settlers) 
          Deacon Richard Sage, Father Robert Cook      

2012   Father William Dhein - pastor
          St. Charles Parish celebrates 150th Anniversary                                                                                                  

2013   Father Joseph Rinalde (Servants of Charity) presents a relic of St. Luigi Guanella,

2014   St. Charles Catholic Women’s Group organized  

2016   Father Aruldoss Sundaram (Fr. Doss) - Parochial Administrator
          St. Charles Parish’s 115th Homecoming Picnic 

2017   St. Isidore statue (representing the rural farmer) to reside at our parish for one year in preparation for Rural Life Day
          12 Niche Columbarium added to cemetery 
          Installation of new doors to school
          Bell tower repairs

2018   Diocese of La Crosse Sesquicentennial Anniversary (1868 – 2018)
          CCD leader Jayne Ballwahn retires after 20+ years
          Church entrance remodeled to include a restroom    
          Father Nathaniel Kuhn – pastor
          Head Teacher – Patty Hytry
          New stoves
          School roof repainted
          Rural Life Day celebrated at Wall-Stone Holsteins

2020   Father Daniel Sedlacek - parochial administrator