The Coming of Age Program

Learning To Listen For The Future

Learning to Listen to the Heart of the Teenager-
The Call of the Future

In the heart of every adolescent lives the possibility of a better future for humanity. The teenager, as most recent messenger from the spiritual world, brings capacities and talents essential to the renewal of modern culture. Rudolf Steiner describes how around the time of the teen's "earth-maturation" they are gifted with the capacity to perceive their own star-seeded destiny. He asserts that youth experience the full force of heaven within their emerging soul life and if this heaven is held back, unrecognized and non-supported, violent revolution in myriads of forms comes to pass. "One should not ask: What does the person need to know and to be able to do for the existing social order? But rather-what gifts does the person possess and how may these be developed in him or her?" The Coming of Age Program asks the question- How can a community of adults support the unfolding destiny of all adolescents towards fostering social renewal-spiritually, politically and economically-on behalf of humanity?

Challenges to Youth
In striving to bring their healing medicine for the family of humanity, the adolescent is faced with many challenges to their task. Narrow gender stereotypes, drugs and alcohol, sexual vulnerability and promiscuity, depression, anger and shame, suicide, anorexia-bulimia, media influence, financial illiteracy , communication difficulties and a general lack of mentoring on the part of adults threaten the good that each youth would do.

The Coming of Age Program
Our variety of workshops and trainings address these challenges by providing education for adults who want to assure that each youth in their care is fully supported in the unfolding of their destiny and for youth seeking a supportive community.

The following themes and topics are offered as consultation, workshops, conferences and curriculum development for middle and high school communities, students, their teachers, and families:

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Inspiration and Resources
This work incorporates the insights of Rudolf Steiner, Ita Wegman, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Mary Pipher, Jeanne Gibbs, Christian Northrup, Gary Goldman, Paulo Frerre, Daniel Coleman and other innovative thinkers who see the need for fundamental change in how we meet the transition of the teen years.

The way of learning in the Coming of Age program is playful,experiential & coIlaborative-all essential skills in working with adolescents. Participants in the Coming of Age Teacher Training receive manuals, outlines and specific curriculum for in-classroom presentations, workshops and program delivery in their community. We provide support to participants in developing the skills to imaginatively create programs for their own communities. These programs are appropriate for parents, educators, professionals and adults who are seeking a new understanding of adolescents to support them in bringing their unique gifts and talents to the culture-at-large.

Coming of Age Program Collaborators

, educator, entrepreneur, and artist, has created and administered several successful businesses, taught in five Waldorf elementary schools, carried a class 1-8 and raised three adult children. She taught and facilitated the work of the Coming of Age Program and developed a life skills program for middle school. She is the founder and director of CETHSOL.

, author, educator, biodynamic farmer, taught in Waldorf elementary and high schools, and carried a class 1-8. She has taught and facilitated the Coming of Age Program and developed a life skills program. She is manager of Womankind-Products, Publications and Programs for the Body, Soul and Spirit of Woman.

KRISTI H. VACCARELLI, discovered Womankind through a Woman Wisdom class. She has just started hand sewing some of the silk and flannel pads for Womankind. She says she sews each piece with the Goddess in her heart and nature in her soul. It is her hope that women will come to love, appreciate and respect their cycles as well as honor nature by sing the soft, feminine recyclable pads.

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