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Beautiful, cloth menstrual pads

Our comfortable, easy to use, very absorbent Moon Wraps feature "wings" with snaps to wrap around your panties for a snug fit. Our Petal Pads are perfect for creating more layers and extra absorbency. Slip a Petal Pad underneath the Moon Wrap for those full flow days. Our Moon Wraps come in 100% cotton floral or red flannel. Both styles have inner layers of flannel and terry cloth and feel just great! These pads are easy~to~wash. Just soak them before you toss them in the washer and dryer. Tuck them in your drawer or carrying pouch for easy access. Our flannel Moon Wraps and Petal Pads have our signature rose bud for that special touch. Available in Mini Moon Wrap and Midi Moon Wrap (extra layers of terry cloth). Mini Moon Wraps are great for girls-becoming-women or light flow days. Both Mini and Midi Moon Wraps work great with Petal Pads. Simple to use and easy to care for-our Moon Wraps and Petal Pads are good for YOU and good for the PLANET.

Flannel Moon Wraps
Red or Floral
Regular Single $8.00
Bulk Pack (6) $45.00
Mini Single $7.00
Bulk Pack (6) $40.00
Flannel Petal Pads
Red or Floral
One Size Single $5.00
Bulk Pack (6) $28.00
Silk Moon Wraps and Petal Pads
Red or Floral
Moon Wraps $17.00
Petal Pads $10.00


ifms Book
I Find My Star Curriculum

To get information about "I Find My Star Curriculum, an Art-Filled Community Building Approach to the Inner and Outer Changes of Puberty" by Tamatra Slayton, Linda Knodle and Anne-Marie Fryer, click here

Little Cycle Celebration Book
Little Cycle Celebration Book

A guide for creating celebration for menarche menstruation and menopause. Includes simple tools and instructions for creating memorable experiences around the cycles of woman's life.
Tamara Slayton $10.00

Maiden Journal
Maiden Journal

A Journal for Understanding the beginning of the female fertility cycle in a young woman's life. This long-awaited collection of stories, poetry and beautiful art for coloring, is easy reading for the young girl. It contains information on fertility, ovulation, menstruation, health care, diet and exercise tips, caring for PMS, and much more.
Tamara Slayton $25.00

Fertility Awareness Charts
Fertility Awareness Charts

Understanding your monthly cycle comes about by daily observing and noting your changes. These simple charts are designed to begin this journey and introduce a girl just beginning her cycle, educate a woman actively cycling, and empower a woman on the journey of menopause. Encourages self-respect in girls-becoming women. Instructions, 12 charts and journal pages included. Indicate Maiden Chart, She-Who-Cycles Chart or Wise Woman Chart.
Tamara Slayton $10.00

Reclaiming the Menstrual Matrix
Reclaiming the Menstrual Matrix

This workbook is for understanding how first menstruation, monthly menstruation and menopause are part of a woman's metamorphosis. Essential for reclaiming the wisdom of your body and the knowledge in your fertility cycle. Includes excerpts from the Little Cycle Celebration Book and Cycle Charts, with journalling pages.
Tamara Slayton $22.00

Her Wondrous Womb Kit

Women have always shared wisdom with one and other while sewing. Her Wondrous Womb follows this timeless tradition ~ an artful way to introduce young women to the female reproductive anatomy. Soft red felt lined with floral cotton surrounds ovum of pearls and stars; menstrual flow of red lace and fertile flow of white lace with ripening follicle erupting nestles in the floral garden of Her Wondrous Womb Kit. Silk flowers and ribbons entwine to complete this beauty to behold. Mothers have found it very helpful to sit and sew this craft while answering questions and sharing with their daughters. Complete pattern and materials included.
Co-creatorsóTamara Slayton and Robin White $10.00

Dear Daughter-Letters From a Mother
Dear DaughteróLetters From a Mother

A journal for the mother to write to her daughter as she remembers her first menstruation. Guided with thoughtful topics and beautiful stories.
Tamara Slayton $12.00

Fertility Cycle Meditation Cards

Cosmic cycles and earthly rhythms combine in these cards to educate a woman to the complexity of her body, soul and spirit during her monthly cycle. One side of the card includes the physiology of female fertility every 21/2 days while the other introduces the reader to the relationship of the signs of the zodiac, the meditations of her heart and the fulfillment of her monthly vision. Excellent tools for deepening her appreciation for the magic and mystery of the female fertility cycles and connecting hormonal ebb and flow to the "thinking of her heart.
Tamara Slayton $5.00

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