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Welcome to our farm

Prairie Fire Farm

Located in the beautiful Driftless Region of Wisconsin, known for its magnificent bluffs and hidden valleys, Prairie Fire Farm is home to the Pierce family and the Prairie Dairie herd of Lamanchas. Since moving here in 2006, we have enjoyed a connection with the land and animals, and the benefits of country living. We finished our degrees in Madison, and would come home from work dreaming of the land where we met and the rural lifestyles that we grew up with. We found the perfect piece of land close to the Mississippi River and adjacent to the Rush Creek State Natural Area. We were excited to have a new home for our Morgans and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and room for our family and farm to grow. Before leaving the city, we added Darla, our Great Pyrennes, and Daphne, our first La Mancha dairy goat. Since our move here we have expanded to include French Angora rabbits. As we continue to establish our farm, we are proud to now offer this website for you to check us out.

At Prairie Fire Farm all of our animals have a purpose. Whether protecting the farm, providing an enjoyable trailride, making fiber for a new outfit, producing milk for cheesemaking, or being a companion, we are proud to showcase our animals and endeavors on this website. Thanks for checking out our farm. We hope that you enjoy perusing the pages.

Craig Pierce and Allison Pierce, Owners Prairie Fire Farm

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La Mancha Dairy Goats
French Angora Rabbits
Morgan Horses

Allison Pierce

Owner of Prairie Fire Farm

Craig Pierce

Owner of Prairie Fire Farm

The Pierces

Since 2001