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Breeding List and Policies

2018 French Angoras For Sale
We will have a couple of late summer/fall litters. Contact us to be put on the waiting list for future litters.
Adult Lamanchas For Sale.
We have several adults for sale this year. Currently for sale:

Hilda bred five year old $550

Corduroy mature doe (not in milk) $300

Jinkies dry yearling $250

Jemma dry yearling $300

Humboldt 2 year-old buck $350

2018 La Mancha Breeding Chart
Doe Bred To Due Date Price Avail.
Angelina Jasper Feb 11* N/A 0
Hilda Aristaeus July 4* TBD
Alice Jasper Mar 26* 400 1D
SG Paper Moon Jacquimo Feb 6* 450 1B
Fritzi Jasper April 6* N/A 0
SG Aglaea (Elite) Richter June 26* TBD
SG Hypatia Humboldt May 27* 400 1B
Heirloom Jasper Feb 8* N/A 0
Holden Jasper Feb 6* N/A 0
* indicates pregnancy confirmed by Biopryn
Follow link in price for planned genetic evaluation

A $100 deposit reserves a kid. To encourage reservations, our reservation prices are generally $50-150 less than when kids are born. If the balance is not received within 2 weeks, kids will kindly be offered to someone else. There are not refunds of deposits on cancelled orders. If your choice is not available, we will refund your deposit. We only sell buck kids from proven or extremely promising stock. All bucks are sold with the rights to 20 straws of semen to be returned to us at the cost of collection. Prices are subject to change, and all breeders rights are reserved. Even if no reservations remain, let us know of your interest in case something comes up. Prices listed do not include shipping, transportation costs, or health certificates. We offer a youth/4-H discount. For more information on reservations contact us from this page.

Herd Health

The health of our animals is a top priority for us here on the farm. We are extremely health conscious, and test at least annually for CAE and Johnes. Our herd has always tested negative for both, and we are and have always been CL abscess free. Kids receive copper boluses, monthly treatments of Albon for coccidia prevention, and are vaccinated for CDT. Our goats are fed a grass and alfalfa mix hay. The goats have access to rotated pastures. Milkers are also given a 16% dairy ration. The goats also have free choice access to salt and minerals.


  Some young milkers may be available in the Spring as well. Contact us from this page or sign up for our newsletter if you are interested in receiving information when these does become available.


We are happy to have you come to the farm to pick up your kids. Just be sure to schedule with us at least two weeks in advance. Kids must be picked up or arrangements made within 4 weeks of age; boarding fees of $20/week/animal may apply after this time. If coming to the farm is not a viable option, we ship out of Madison, Wisconsin. We have found the best prices shipping with United Airlines but will be willing to work with any carrier that you prefer who flies out of Madison. Prices listed do not include an interstate health certificate or any other required testing fees for out-of-state shipments. Animals and all additional costs must be paid in full before shipping or transport.

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