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The Interactive Traveler Puppet Stage is amazing.  

You can see and interact with your audience (click here)- they don't see you!

Customer Comments

Dear Jim, 

As I said when I spoke with you on the phone, our library is part of a regional system.  One of our branches already has one of your wonderful puppet theaters that we have borrowed from time to time.  It is portable and easily set up, as we often take our puppet shows to day cares and rest homes in the area.  When our branch decided to get our own puppet theater, I knew I wanted one exactly like the one we’ve been using.  It’s so versatile and convenient, it suits our needs perfectly. 

 Sara Woolson , Youth Services Specialist, B.J. Chain Public Library


Dear Jim

We wanted to thank you for your stage. We are a family of two generations of puppeteers, over the years we have tried just about every stage available to the profession. Yours is BY FAR THE BEST! Exceptional in quality, lightweight and fast set up make it perfect for our line of work. I would highly recommend it to any traveling troupe. In addition, your company is a pleasure to deal with.

Thank you again.
The Cast of Small World Puppets

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 kids are perplexed and amazed when the puppet appears to see everything they're doing, makes puppets even more believable! Also very useful to control the crowd - through the puppet.

Traveler shown here with optional side curtains -

 very portable , easy care, sets up in less than five minutes!

click photos for larger views of stage size and fabric texture    

StageAlone2.jpg (58686 bytes)  NavyPenne.JPG (68332 bytes)  FullStgJimInPppt.jpg (21501 bytes)

Dimensions / Occupancy       

Colors / Preferences        Carrying Case     

Order the Stage using  PayPal  or by mail or with credit card - call 608-647-6000 (answered as Countryside)

Stage  $298.00 +25 s/h    With Side Curtains $426.00+$35 s/h 

Add a clip on shelf to hold props in front of your puppets for $25.00 

Options (shipping incl. )

Standard Stage Color is Navy Blue with maroon trim.

  For custom colors, add $60.00+2 weeks extra.

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Feedback about our stages:

March 2011

Hi Jim,

We've received and set up the stage.  It looks great and fits perfectly....  Fantastic job.

Thanks Chris R.

March 2011

Our stage has arrived! It is wonderful. Thank you so much. I can tell how much thought has gone into its design. I know we will get worlds of use out of it and it will bless the puppeteers as well as the audience.
BJ Williams
Head of Children's Services
Franklin Memorial Library
331 West Main St.
Swainsboro, GA 30401
Hi Jim;
Yes the stage is working out very well. Thanks again for all of your help and patience. Barb
Hi Jim,
  just wanted to let you know I got my puppet stage on Tuesday. I put it together and I love it. 
                 Thanks so much Amy


Hi  Barbara,

 Did you get your stage ok? Just checking to make sure all is ok.

 Have a great day!


Yes we did!

It looks great – I only put the main section together

Had no problems.  I like it very much.

Thank you for checking up on us.


Hi Jim!
We love our new stage! The puppeteers from our library headquarters came to do our Story Time today. They loved it too. I am trying to convince them to order a stage like ours. I hope you will hear from them soon.
The see through portion of the curtain is wonderful. This will help us with crowd control and puppet interaction.  I really like the flexibility of the side curtains. It helps hide all of our props and storage crates we use to carry the puppets.
I appreciate your kindness in refunding our money for the plans downloaded earlier this year. I would never had expected you to do that.
Thank You for a fantastic product!
Sharon Cleveland
Branch Manager
Cedartown Public Library
245 East Avenue
Cedartown, GA 30125
Voice: 770-748-5644
Fax:    770-748-4399


Our office conducts puppet show presentations in area schools to teach children about recycling and litter prevention.  For the longest time, we attempted to use our own makeshift puppet stages, but transporting them each time was very cumbersome, and they quickly showed signs of wear. 
We are so pleased with the puppet stage we purchased from the VIP Puppet Company.  Transporting the stage is now so simple because all of the pieces come in sturdy carrying cases, and for all of the pieces that need to be put together, it is surprisingly simple to assemble.  We were also very impressed with the rich quality of the beautiful fabrics.  Our presentations are now drastically more professional in appearance. Another great thing is that for small classroom presentations, we can easily use only the middle section of the puppet stage and still remain enclosed, while for larger presentations on stage, we can use both side panels for a bigger visual impact.
Thank you, VIP Puppet Company, for making us look so good!
Jill Meyers
Administrative Assistant
Tuscarawas County Office of Recycling & Litter Prevention